Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big day...big girl

Yesterday was kindergarten registration day. I'm a little confused as to how my little, 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl is suddenly old enough for kindergarten. Imagine how I'll feel in August when it's time for school to start!

The Engineer came home early so we could all go together. We arrived at the school, where Chickie posed for a quick pic at the location where she'll spend lots of time...possibly for the next six years.


Inside, once I got to the front of the line, I was asked, "Do you have all your documents?" (I was required to bring Chickie's Social Security card, birth certificate, and immunization record; The Engineer's and my IDs; and a utility bill as proof of residence. With all the paperwork, I felt like I was enrolling her in the military, not kindergarten.)

I held out the folder I'd brought with everything, and they said, "Okay, we'll make copies."

"Oh, I already made copies," I told them.

Well, that simple statement made me the hero of the day. "I want to remember your face," one of the ladies said. "You're the organized one!" (Good thing she can't see the clutter in my house.) I sure hope everyone at the school is that easy to please!

While I filled out forms, Chickie and Zoodle colored. When I finished and got everything approved, Chickie didn't want to leave--she loves coloring.


Zoodle wanted to pose for a photo too....


Then we all headed to the Golden Arches to celebrate.


It still doesn't feel quite real since school doesn't start for five more months. But they gave us a handout with advice on how to help your child adjust on the first day of school. When I saw the part that says that if your child cries on the first day, you need to leave anyway, that made me get tears in my eyes. Funny thing is, I seriously doubt Chickie will cry. She's way too excited. But while Mama's really excited too, I'll be battling other emotions along the way!

One more step toward adulthood for Chickie. (Sigh.)

One more step toward the the freedom of an empty nest for Mommy and Daddy. (Score!)


Monica Manning said...

You'll want to link to this post for future reference. There will come a day that she won't want to go to school, for whatever reason, and you'll be upset about it. You'll need to re-read this to remind yourself how much you wanted to keep her at home.

On the up-side, she'll have fond memories (as I do) of coming home to the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked-something that mom had made as a special welcome-home-from-school or hooray-for-getting-through-your-exams treat. I miss those days.

Call Me Cate said...

Adorable dress! Perfect for the occasion. I think Chickie is going to have a lot of grand adventures that she will be excited to share with you all in the evening.

You're really just jealous that YOU don't get to go color all day, aren't you? (I would be!)

Tiffany said...

We do this next week...and can I say this mama gets teary eyed just thinking about that first day. I've already notified the boss that I'll be off that whole day consoling myself with chocolate and lots of tears! lol!

Cathy said...

I know I'll cry! -Grammy

Mellodee said...

No! I absolutely refuse to believe it! She can't possibly be old enough to start kindergarten. Wasn't it just a few months ago that she was born?????

What is it with kids, they just keep growing up!

Mike said...

I STILL haven't left home yet and I'm already 18! My mom's going to have serious empty nest syndrome when both of us are gone :( Until then, enjoy it while it lasts!! :) Time flies so quickly...

Trisha said...

I have been reading your blog for years since the Baby Center January 2006 days! You have also inspired me to start the C25K and I am now in week 7, about to start 8. Anyway, that is actually not the reason I am posting--our sons are practically identical in looks. I noticed on your last couple pics of Zoodle, the resemblance is uncanny! They could definitely doubles of each other in a movie! Crazy! Just had to get that off my chests, if I could post a picture in these comments of my son you would be amazed!

Barga said...

Make sure to get a picture on her first day. My mother has one of me in some sort of firemans uniform - classic and adorable.

Tiffany said...

Yikes! Time flies!

Ox said...

We are just getting ready to wrap up our first year of school. Austin finishes kindergarten at the end of May. It's been a wonderful and exciting adventure for him and for us.

I can remember the first day, thinking to myself I might just be that blubbering mom who couldn't let go. I'm still not sure where the past 5 years had gone. But I was so excited for him because he was so excited about going. My lil big man... Actually, I was more worried how little brother would handle it. And sure enough, Bry wanted to stay, stood in line with him, and followed him to class. Sadly, he was the only one to cry that day. Of course, now he enjoys his one-on-one momma time.

We've been so blessed with a wonderful school and an awesome teacher. The leaps and bounds he has made in his learning in just a year is nothing short but phenomenal.

Ox said...

Oops. Didn't realize a posted under hubby's name. Guess that happens when we share a laptop. LOL.

Tami Tyree
Yuma, AZ

forever folding laundry said...

Aw, an almost-Kindergartner!
She's adorable.
Isn't it crazy how quickly it happens?

And, here's a little elementary school insider's tidbit for you:
nice job making friends with the
office ladies.
It is *always* a good idea to be
on their good side.
They have power. :)


Bryan said...

Ahh the first day of school, I remember how much fun it was. Just don't think about it to much, because before you know they'll be off to their first day of high school. I know i'm all ready preparing myself for that day. Oh and don't forget the first day of school is August 22nd.