Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of edamame, feasting, and more!

Time for a quick little update post. (While part of me is enjoying not blogging much during November, the other part of me, well, misses you guys!)



I love edamame (soybeans, preferably salted!) and have discovered that Costco sells it in a big box of perfectly-sized, microwave-ready containers (at a discount compared to what I can buy at the grocery store.) How nice to be craving something that's good for me!

Instead of heading out of town this year for Thanksgiving, we're saving our travel for Christmas. But that means that since we don't have any family in town, we don't have anywhere to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

I spent a day last week pretty upset about that. But the next day, a friend came over for a playdate, and she knew just how to remind me how loved I am and how blessed I am to have such great friends when we don't live near relatives. Now I'm looking forward to eating turkey with my little family at a restaurant (no dishes!) and then to enjoying some homemade pie at a friend's house. The time with relatives at Christmas will be extra-sweet!

My (almost) 12-mile run on Saturday went great. That was my last long run before my December 5 race. My legs are feeling great, and I'm looking forward to meeting that 13.1 mile goal in 11 days!

Zoodle has decided he loves to make messes and doesn't like to clean up. This is resulting in situations like him staying in his room for an hour until he's finally willing to put his books back on his bookshelf. Sometimes discipline isn't very fun for Mom or kid.

I've been spending hours crocheting...and while I'm crocheting, I'm often watching Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix Instant. It's shallow reality television, and I enjoy it way more than I really should admit.

On that note...I think I have time for an episode or two of Say Yes to the Dress before the kiddos are done with their quiet time/naptime....


Eternal Lizdom said...

I love love love edamame. Teagan loves it, too. I get a steam bag of frozen edamame at Target and she and I will eat the whole bag. Loooove it!

I'm a sucker for mindless TV from time to time, too. My brain just needs a break. I also find it fascinating to watch people who think the getting married part is this HUGE step in life. I remember feeling that way when planning the wedding but have since realized how much more there is to marriage and life.

Hm. Didn't mean to get so deep on you!

Amanda said...

Mmmmm edamame! Love it, great source of protein too.

I'm starting some projects for Christmas. I'm maching satchel book bags for my niece and sis in law. I'm going to the thrift store for the fabrics, using old coats, shirts, pants. I can't wait!