Saturday, September 25, 2010

Six Word Saturday

It's that time again...Six Word Saturday! To find out more about 6WS and to participate, check out Call Me Cate's sixilicious blog by clicking the button below.

My words:

Five miles, no shoes...woo hoo!

Okay, I know a lot of my Six Word Saturday entries are about running. It's because on Saturdays I do my "long runs," and I tend to be pretty excited and in love with the world afterward! The five mile barefoot milestone is one I've been really looking forward to. In my mind it means I'm truly doing "long runs" again, though a marathoner might disagree with my definition of "long run"!

It was a good run, and I continue to feel that a long run is an amazing way to start off a weekend. Especially if that run ends at Starbucks!


Anonymous said...

Messy. Chaotic. Exhausting. But mostly, happy.

Jazzbumpa said...

I'm impressed and distressed. This sounds really dangerous. Street have curbs, rocks, broken glass, and who-knows-what splatter all over them.

Glad you had fun, but you're makin' me eskeered.

And Starbucks isn't that great. Try Panera.