Saturday, September 11, 2010

Six Word Saturday

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My words:

"Can I guess why you're here?"

That's what I asked the police officer who pulled me over last night. He let me guess...and I was right.

Earlier, I'd been stopped at a red light, and I'd noticed that only one of my headlights was reflected in the truck in front of me. Literally ten minutes or so after that, I got pulled over for that darn headlight(or is it a headdark when it's burned out?).

As I was sitting in my car waiting for the officer to write me up, I realized my state inspection expired on 8/31. I must have been having a lucky night--not only did the officer fail to notice the expired inspection; he also only gave me a warning for the headlight. Whew! Time to take care of both of those issues before my luck runs out and I get a real ticket!


NorCalMom said...

Lucky girl! Only getting a warning.

amanda @ Ramblings of an Empty Mind said...

lol, you were definitely lucky!

Kathy said...

So glad that you got off with only a warning :)

Call Me Cate said...

Personally, I think if we guess correctly and weren't doing anything too dangerous, we should only get warnings. Now, definitely don't push your luck by going out again before you have all that taken care of!

SurvivorBlessing said...

Yeah, I like warnings, too! Glad he was a nice guy!