Thursday, September 30, 2010

C. Beth's Law

C. Beth's Law:

As children get older, their tantrums become less frequent but more dramatic.

And for you visual learners....


I know this isn't the case with all kids, but it is with Chickie. I think the tantrum she had last night stole a month's worth of my patience and energy. Thank goodness we don't have nights like that very often.... I'd be at a funny farm.


Tia said...

Sounds like Ellie and Chickie are cut from the same cloth :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I wish that chart worked for Teagan. We have a normal level of behavior and then we go through 2 months of intense daily craziness.

Renee @ said...

Are you thinking of Chickie or my daughter because my daughter had a MASSIVE tantrum last night???!!! Eventually, I just sat on the floor and waited for the screaming, kicking, yelling, throwing, crying to stop. I had tried all other tricks I could think of, and the tantrum just kept going so I stopped trying. I figured she was safe. Eventually, she calmed down enough so that I could rock her a little bit. Then she said she wanted to read books...after reading, she cuddled up against and said "Mama, I love you." I'm very scared of what the hormones will look like in the teenage years! I may not make it.