Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Micro: On the road again

Today we head from Yuma, AZ to Phoenix, AZ (almost 3 hours in the car) to catch a flight to Reno, NV (less than 2 hours in the air), then back on the road to Susanville, CA (an hour and a half in the car.) I guess the blog title should have been "On the road again, then on a plane again, then on the road again...again." We may be a little tired by the time we get to Susanville! But we'll get there, and we'll settle in for a nice, relaxing week with The Engineer's parents.

It's nice that we got the oven-esque weather out of the way first. Yuma's heat should help us appreciate Susanville's cool mountain air even more!

I won't be on the computer as much at their house, so please be patient if it takes some time for your comments to be published. Thanks!


Call Me Cate said...

May all your travels be the "safe" kind, whether by land, air, or land again again.

Lara said...

Wishing you safe travels! It was great to see you!