Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Micro: I'm famous!

Okay, I'm not famous, but I am excited about being interviewed on Skip Orem's Get Fit Pod podcast! I've enjoyed running with some of Skip's High Intensity Interval Training podcasts, and the informational podcasts that he does are great too!

This interview was done less than a week before I looked into barefoot running and decided to become a barefoot runner. So I don't talk about barefoot running at all in this interview; the concept of "ditching the shoes" wasn't even on my radar at the time!

You can listen to the whole podcast by clicking the link below, or by searching for "Get Fit Pod" on iTunes. It's Episode 150. Part 1 of my interview starts about 9 minutes into the episode, and part 2 starts about 22 minutes into the episode.

Get Fit Pod Episode 150 (Just click the link, then click the Play arrow.)


Melody said...

How great to have a celebrity in the family!!!:)

~Abbey~ said...

where do you run barefoot? don't your feet get hurt? i can see how it probbaly gives better form, but ouch, thats got to be hard on the sole! Congrats on the interview!