Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer heat...not so bad!

I've never liked summer heat.

Let me rephrase that.

I've always hated summer heat. (Much better.)

People seem to think that because I grew up in Yuma, Arizona (known as "The Armpit of Arizona"), I should be used to heat. But here's the problem--I've always been an indoor sort of girl. I've was so in love with air conditioning that I didn't make peace with that awful heat.

Then I became a runner at the end of October last year. It was late enough in the year that I didn't have to deal with heat. I enjoyed running through the winter and spring. And then it started to get warmer, and really humid, and I was miserable. I even blogged about joining a rec center so that I could run indoors.

And at that rec center, I discovered that there's something worse than running in warm, humid weather--running inside. I did a total of two runs at that gym, and I realized that large quantities of sweat are definitely preferable to large quantities of boredom. I figured out that if I just bucked up and dealt with the heat (and made sure I left the house early enough, and slowed my pace), running outside during the summer was suddenly doable. I canceled my rec center membership and haven't missed that indoor track or those treadmills one bit.

And then I discovered something amazing. I've had the kids outside more this summer, with Backyard Bible Clubs and a recent outdoor playdate and other outdoor activities, and it's not so bad. Running in the warm, muggy mornings has gotten me acclimated to heat and humidity for the first time in my life. I certainly wouldn't want to spend all day, every day outside, but it's wonderful being able to enjoy myself even when I'm hot.

It took me 32 years to acclimate to heat. So let's hope we never move anywhere that has a lot of snowy weather. I've never had to shovel a sidewalk. I'm not even sure I'd know how. This old dog may be able to learn some new tricks, but living with blizzards might be taking it a bit too far!


Sandra said...

Okay, first let me address your "old dog" status -- you're not there yet, kid! :)

But I agree that being outside in hot weather is definitely an acquired taste. I've never liked to sweat. But now that I'm retired and play alot of golf, I've discovered that I actually enjoy doing something outside that makes me sweat (and even gives me a little tan!). So it may have taken you 32 years to discover that, but this realllly "old dog" took about twice that to discover the same thing!

Keep up the good work, "kid". :)

Unknown said...

Oh, you know that you want to come to Michigan and enjoy a foot of snow in one weekend with me. We can drink hot chocolate want watch my husband struggle with the snow blower (shovel...hahaha.)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I can handle the muggy heat if I get it first thing in the morning- like, at sunrise. Otherwise- blergh. I still shake my head and shudder when I see the hardcore runners out at noon on the weekends, 96 degrees and 100% humidity. Can't do it, myself!!

Bobbi said...

I am enjoying the summer... so far. :) Not nearly as hot as the last two!

We were at a wedding on Friday night and it was outdoors. They had a appetizers and drinks outside and it was very pleasant. I would've stayed outside all evening, but my friends kept insisting they were getting eaten by bugs (Bugs? Bugs? Visit Minnesota and you'll know bugs!) and the cake/dancing had begun.

Call Me Cate said...

I have a rough time with the summer. I just HATE being hot and/or sweaty. It makes me cranky and I'm always more prone to panic attacks when I'm overheated as opposed to cool. But I'm glad you're adapting, even if it DID take you 32 years! :)

Traci said...

Air conditioning is a good thing. :)I laughed at your comments about the treadmill too. haha

SurvivorBlessing said...

I am glad that you enjoy your outdoor running so much. I am more of a treadmill person...

BUT you have no idea what you miss with a snow storm!!! Driving in a foot of snow at the top speed of 15 mph.... yeah! Shoveling the drive way for four hours is a GREAT workout! And then after that, the fireplace inside.... Heaven!!! Oh how I miss the north, especially in summery Texas!

So just for the fun of it, try it out one year, the winter up north I mean, for vacation of course....