Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Micro: Perfect timing

Let me take you back to June 5, the day before Chickie's Big Girl Day. It was the last day she was allowed to do her stinky business in a diaper.

She took advantage of that freedom, and I cleaned her up for the last time. (Well, cleaned her up in that way for the last time!) I took the diaper out to the garage, where we had a diaper pail we'd gotten when she was born. That thing got a lot of use with our two kids. I opened it...

...and it broke. The handle came clean off.

Yep, our diaper pail broke the very last time I planned to use it. Yesterday I happily returned our final, unused $6 sack refill for the pail. When I'd last stocked up on refills, I didn't realize we wouldn't need many more. I guess the pail itself knew more about perfect timing than I did!


Unknown said...

I guess the universe just wanted you to know that it was for real the end of diapers for you. That is very awesome.

Eternal Lizdom said...

We ditched the diaper pail after the first kid- I hated that thing. Maybe keeping it in the garage would have made it a more pleasant experience... but our kitchen trash goes out frequently enough that we ended up using it or tying dirties up and tossing them down to the front door (or out on the front porch if really bad) until we next left the house.

SurvivorBlessing said...

I think the link to the previous post is not working... I can not get to it.

But nonetheless, I am glad that the pail knew when the final day had come! And you got all the use out of it too. I used ours for Coqui but for Peanut, if I use the disposable ones, I just throw it in the garbage.