Friday, June 18, 2010

Chickie's turn

It's Chickie's turn for a cute room!

Her new bed is set up, with her Dora bedding.


As you can see, she loves it. But I gotta say, I don't think they make kids' character sheets to last. The thread count on those things is probably about 12 threads per inch. Oh well, it's not like she'll be using them for longer than a couple of years or so, if that. And she couldn't care less what the quality is. It's Dora! Squeee!

I've told her I'll make a Dora valance for her window. She also wants me to paint her name on her wall, with flowers and butterflies. I don't like painting rooms, but I do like doing that type of decorative painting. I'll probably paint the wall behind her bed, maybe a nice purply pink. I can handle one wall...I think.

When we got the comforter I realized it has flowers and butterflies on it.


So I'll probably use those as a model for the ones I paint on the wall. They'll still look cute even when she's outgrown the Dora bedding.

Of course, I can talk big, but we all know how crummy my follow-through is with decorating tasks once I get bored with them. Because I've committed to Chickie, I'd better see this one through. I'm just glad to know that even if it takes me awhile to get it all done, she loves her new Dora bed!


Anonymous said...

She looks so happy with her new comforter. I have lived in my house for ten years and all of the rooms are builder beige except for two of the bedrooms. Have fun decorating.

Unknown said...

I love, love, love Chickie's headboard. Her sweet bed set is pretty much awesome too. I recall having a bed set with dogs on it when I was a kid and it fell apart so fast. Kids deserve nice soft beds too! (Do you hear that bedding companies?)
As for the wall, maybe you could paint it on a large canvas and hang it on the wall. Then you don't have to stand by the wall while you paint, and it will be movable later.

Sandra said...

What a pretty, colorful bed!