Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The kids' current hobbies

Chickie's current hobbies:
  • Taking the caps off markers and putting them on her fingers, then tapping things with them.
  • Spending five hours in her room playing because she can't come downstairs until it's clean...then cleaning it in ten minutes, just in time to eat dinner.
  • Drawing people, aliens, animals, etc. Girls and boys are differentiated by whether or not they have long, pretty eyelashes.
  • Changing food preferences on a whim.
  • Telling great jokes like this one: Knock knock. Who's there? Ivan. Ivan who? Ivan workin' on the railroad! (The jokes that make sense usually come from Sid the Science Kid. The ones that don't make sense usually come from Chickie's creative brain.)
Zoodle's current hobbies:
  • Seeing how long it takes Mommy or Daddy to realize his binky is still in his mouth after he gets up in the morning.
  • Opening the door of the public rest room stall (or the main door on a one-stall setup) while Mommy is on the potty.
  • Seeing how far he can run from Mommy in public areas.
  • Charming Mommy with a huge, Zoodlerrific smile.


Kara said...

Lizzy shares Zoodle's interest in flinging open stall doors while I'm on the potty. It is my least favorite hobby ever!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I can soooo relate to the stal/door opening phenom and to the running away bit. Good thing I started running because I've gotten much better at catching him!

Lara said...

I have had to threaten Cade about the restroom thing. There's nothing scarier than being on a public toilet seat, pants down, and seeing a chubby little hand reach up to open the door...

Unknown said...

Chickie and the pen caps made me laugh. I use to take Bugles (you know those snacks in the shape of a cone) and put them on my fingers. By use to I mean like last week, except only on my pinky because the rest of my fingers are now too big.