Friday, January 29, 2010


My brain's a bit "fuzzified" due to a head cold. (Apparently the "coining silly words" part of my brain turns on when my sinuses are full.)

So here's how I'm dealing with the cold:

1. DayQuil (well, CVS Pharmacy's cheap-o generic equivalent.) Dudes, I'd forgotten how great this stuff is. I mean, for 4 1/2 years straight I was pregnant and/or nursing, and now, for the last few months, the entire world of legal pharmaceuticals has opened up anew for me. No more reading labels and Googling as I worry about meds hurting the baby in me or getting into breast milk. I spent the morning today (yesterday by the time you are reading this) just dealing with the icky cold while I did exciting things like Twittering and cleaning my bathrooms. It wasn't fun. Once I got out there and got some meds, I felt halfway human again.

2. Comfort food. I've got a chicken barley soup of my own devising, sitting in the CrockPot. Let's hope it does its job nicely tonight.

3. Brownies. When the kids go down for their nap, I'm going to make some brownies. I've been assured by my friends on Twitter that brownies are vital elements of the healing process. I admit, I did ask them to tell me that, and openly invited them to lie. And I'm choosing to believe them.

4. Whining. A well-placed phone call to the hubby and a well-timed blog post should not be discounted in one's cold-fighting repertoire.

Hope your body is handling the cold and flu season better than mine is!


beckiwithani said...

I am quite miserably feeling your pain right now. Hope you are better soon!

Unknown said...

Is it possible to contract the germs you have from reading your blog? I woke up this morning feeling pretty icky. The promise of snow today is not helping.

Chocolate fixes just about everything by the way. One 6 oz serving of hot chocolate has TWICE the antioxidants that one 6oz serving of green tea has! Cheers to chocolate and the genius who found it, added sugar and gave it to us!!!

Chicken anything sounds pretty good right about now. I think I'll start my crock pot too.

Hope you feel better!!

Hope I'm not getting sick too,

Call Me Cate said...

I'm glad you're feeling more human. Hope the improvement continues!

Our Scoop said...

Hope you feel better very soon! I am certain the brownies will work :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cold is going around the blogging world. I started it on Monday, and today is the first day I can breathe through my nose without Afrin or Dayquil. So I hope you start to feel better soon, I hear chocolate does wonders, and I will attribute my feeling better with the chocolate ice cream I had last night.

Mellodee said...

So sorry you aren't well! Especially with 2 little ones around. Hope the barley soup and brownies take care of it!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are sick, but I'm glad your sense of humor is still alive and well! Get well soon. :)