Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Micro: A girl after my own sweet tooth

Friday I made sugar cookies with the kids. They both love putting sprinkles on cookies, and they are generous with those little bits of colored, sugary goodness.


Chickie was able to help not only with the sprinkles, but also with mixing the dough and cutting out the shapes.

Later in the day, I reflected on the somewhat complicated process of cutting, mixing, and decorating, and I asked Chickie, "What was your favorite part of making cookies today?"

She took a moment to think about it, then responded,

"Eating them."


Rachel Cotterill said...

She's got it! :)

Laurel said...

Cute!! Such a smart girl :).

Call Me Cate said...

Smart kid for sure! And some of the sprinkles even made it ON the cookie. I think it's great that she's old enough to "help" now - it must be great fun to work in the kitchen with her.

Mike said...

I'd say the same thing if they turned out that well....