Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas decorating...with help

Monday I was thinking about what I needed to do before the party we were hosting Tuesday night. Cooking, cleaning, kid-wrangling...and suddenly it hit me. I can't have a Christmas party at my house with no Christmas tree!

We're decorating procrastinators. But with a fire lit under me, I decorated the house yesterday.

Thankfully I have two kids who are old enough to participate this year.

It was Chickie's job to decorate the tree...


...and Zoodle's job to undecorate it.


We'll be putting ornaments back on the tree all season long. I guess it's a way to extend the merriment of decorating...right?


Call Me Cate said...

Looks like they were both doing an excellent job! I'd say hosting a holiday party is a good reason to decorate. Maybe I should host a party. But then I'd also have to clean. And maybe borrow your decorating team?

Anna said...

very nice...and the reason why we're not putting the ornaments on till Christmas least till Christopher stops destroying them..we lost too many last year.
BTW Chris just saw the pic of "zoodle" and said "he looks like a Tyler" LOL don't know where he got that from!

beckiwithani said...

Did only the bottom half of the tree get decorated? Or did Chickie have some help? :)

2cats said...

Kids are what make Christmas fun.

Anonymous said...

Just look at that soooo sweet
little face. Who could deny him that tiny little pleasure of taking just an occasional ornament off to look at it a little closer.

And I bet that cutie Chickie enjoys being the "big kid" who takes responsibility for putting them back on.

What dolls they are.

LEstes65 said...

If you hadn't told me, I never would have known you did all of that in one day! As always, you impress me. And we all had a blast. It was totally worth going to bed late for (for the boys, that is).