Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lucky? Crazy?

In September/early October I'm going to...
  • Visit my parents in Arizona with the kids (and possibly with The Engineer)
  • Visit my brother in Portland, with the kids
  • Visit my sister in Boston, with the kids
  • Visit New York City for a quick weekend trip...without the kids! (My sister and brother-in-law will meet me there for a day.)

Jet Blue Airlines currently has a really cool deal--for $599 you can buy an "All You Can Jet" pass, which allows you to fly as many times as you'd like on Jet Blue, between September 8 and October 8. There are no blackout dates, and the number of seats isn't limited--if the flight is open, you can book it. There are no extra taxes or fees on domestic flights.

I already had a nice credit with them due to a cancelled flight a few months ago, so that made the deal even sweeter. I bought one pass for me and one for Chickie. (Zoodle flies free on my lap until he's two.) That's 14 one-way trips for about $1200.

It's a fantastic opportunity to see my brother. (I've never visited him in Portland.) It's exciting to get to see my sister, who I haven't visited in Boston since I was pregnant with Chickie, four years ago. It's always great to see my parents. A weekend without the kids in New York City sounds heavenly. What an opportunity!

But between September 11 and October 3, I'll only be home five full days (and several partial days.) During quite a bit of the travel I'll be outnumbered--me traveling with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.

So, am I lucky, or am I crazy? Ask me when I'm getting home on October 4. I'm guessing if you can even understand my exhausted voice, the answer will be,

"A little of both."


Call Me Cate said...

Can I choose "crazy lucky"? You're going to be insanely on the run but what a deal! And I bet you'll be exhausted when it's all done but glad you have the memories. And glad you don't hopefully have to budge from the house for awhile in October.

We talked about doing the deal but we've already got a week planned in Cali just before that (we get back Sept 8th) and I just can't see being able to take advantage of it enough to make it worthwhile.

But go you! :)

Strange Mamma said...

Heard about that deal. Sounded very cool. I'm sure you'll be pretty exhausted, but just think how relaxing that flight to New York will be sans children. Have a great time. And really, to be able to see family, a little exhaustion is worth it.

Jenn@ You know... that Blog? said...

Definitely, a little of both. What an opportunity though!! You'd be crazy not to do it if you have the time and a few extra pennies in your pocket.

Good for you - and I'm sure you'll find a way to make the adventure a cool one for the kids too. If not, children's gravol just before the flight, and it'll be a peaceful one. I'm just sayin'... ;)

Unknown said...

Bless you, sweet crazy momma. It's totally something I'd do if my work schedule and finances allowed! :)

Our Scoop said...

I am so GLAD for you! I hate to fly so you couldn't pay me to do that but I think YOU are going to have an amazing time!!! How fun to do the New York trip! You are so independent and I highly admire that!!!

Janna said...

This reminds me of my post Adventure or Insanity?

I just finish a month long vacation with my 1 year old to the states b/c I live on the island of Guam. It takes 16-24hours en route depending on where you are going to get to the states.

I hid her favorite toys a week or so before we left and packed them in a bag for the airplane. I got a new elmo phone at a garage sale for her for a quarter also.

I could say more but I'm sure as a mother of 2 you know these sorts of things. What I really want to say is YOU ARE CRAZY but I also think that YOU WILL NEVER REGRET this time with family. At least that's how I feel-jet lag and all:)