Friday, June 5, 2009

Truly exceptional

It's always nice to know that your child is in some way exceptional. I have a friend (Hi, Kendra!) who has spent lots of time with Chickie in our church nursery. One day Kendra assured me, "Beth, I've taught preschool for years, and Chickie is one of the most oral children I have ever met."

One of the most oral children. In other words, she puts everything in her mouth. I'm so proud.

It's much better than it used to be, but I remember Chickie's oral fixations being a source of unending frustration to me, during her first two-plus years of life. When she was a year old, I didn't even want to take her to the park, because it was so frustrating trying to keep her from putting sand, leaves, and dirt in her mouth. I'd pick her up from the church nursery and prepare to hear what she'd eaten that day. (Stickers? Crayons? Play-Doh?) And of course there was that infamous McDonalds floor-licking incident.

The worst part of having an exceptionally oral child is that you end up with lots of calls to Poison Control. (Yes, I childproof. No, I'm not perfect.) First it was hand sanitizer. Then some sort of cleaner (just a little bit, thankfully.) Then fruit-scented roll-on soap. (It should be ILLEGAL to put a yummy-smelling scent in a child's product that is not meant to be eaten.) Each time she was just fine, but I felt like a terrible mother. The Poison Control operators are very friendly, and I'm thinking about inviting them to our next birthday party since we know them so well.

Next time Chickie has a red tongue from sucking on a marker, walks around with a stuffed animal hanging out of her mouth, or tries to lap up the dog's water, I'll just take a deep breath and remind myself of this: My daughter likes to put things in her mouth, likes it so much that she stands out from other kids. My daughter is exceptional.

(Chickie at 8 months)


Unknown said...

I'm still chuckling. I'll have to remember this way of thinking the next time I just want to melt into a puddle at something my children do.

Special K said...

Awesome. My kids weren't that oral, I'd have to double-babyproof around here if they had been! Sylvie's exceptional quality is her voice. It's loud, very very loud. I think she's compensating for Logan's exceptionally quiet demeanor.

Strange Mamma said...

Asher mostly just likes to put me in his mouth. I have to have a paci handy at all times because any skin of mine that is showing, knees shoulders, elbows, hands, anything, he will immediately chomp down on and test against the metal of his new teeth. Jeff really wants to wean him off the paci, but I don't know if my limbs can take it. (Fortunately he doesn't try and bite the, er, breast that feeds him ;) just everything else that's not covered up)

Call Me Cate said...

Congrats on having such an exceptional child! Never a dull moment I'm sure...

Mary said...

oh i so can relate! ;)
BOTH my boys are like about licking a bus stop pole or licking the railing at the movie theatre (where everyone puts up their feet and touches!!) yuck! ;)
anyway..i'm there with you! :)

Dani said...

My little boy still eats crayons.

He's 2.

Hopefully he'll (and she'll) grow out of it.

Our Scoop said...

That is hilarious! Andrew just tasted the coconut Softsoap. I'm sure it is because we keep saying how good it smells and how it is coconut. I agree - it should be illegal to make soap smell good enough to taste!

Isabella said...

LOL. This is what I have to look forward to? I should program Poison Control to our speed dial right now.

Peanut is a really tidy when she eats the dirt from our houseplant, I only know because she's chewing and there are finger marks in the soil.

Thanks for the laugh! :)

Barga said...

There is nothing wrong with this - says the 21 year old college dude who chews on anything he can

Barga said...

i think it is stupid that blogger doesn't allow an email back to me if i don't sign in using thier account.... grumble

Anonymous said...

I see this as a sign she's probably a future chef and just practicing her "tasting". :)

C. Beth said...

Kris--I'm glad you enjoyed it; thanks! :)

Special K--Maybe Sylvie is going to be an opera singer??

Strange Mamma--Ouch! Very glad he's not teething while nursing, but still--ouch!

Call Me Cate--They do keep me hoppin'. :) Zoodle's pretty oral too but not as bad as Chickie.

Mary--Ew, ew, ew! Yes, we do understand each other! :)

Dani--It's such a relief that I can now give Chickie crayons without her eating them! Of course, now Zoodle eats them!

Our Scoop--The thing about soap-it does NOT taste as good as it smells! I'm sure DD discovered that. :)

Isabella--I am impressed at how tidy Peanut is! Neither of my kids are tidy eaters. Then again...neither am I. :-D

Barga--I have said that Chickie is going to be the kid in high school chewing off all her erasers! Sounds like you must fit that profile. ) Also--yes, there are several things Blogger doesn't have that I wish they did. They need to take some cues from Wordpress & Typepad. Lastly--the only reason I deleted your last comment is because it no longer made sense after I deleted the previous comment. :)

Barga said...

there is nothing wrong with being the kid who destroys everything by chewing

just make sure you have a good dental plan

Scriptor Senex said...

As soon as I read it I thought of Isabella and then found she'd commented. I suppose it makes a change from having had a child who wouldn't open their mouth for anything - especially food!

LEstes65 said...

OH my goodness - I remember that little bean! What a cutie!!!! And still is.