Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Non-annoying children's music: Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about Sandra Boynton's music, which is a favorite of our whole family. (Well, I'm assuming Zoodle likes it; sometimes it helps him stop crying!) Today I'd like to introduce you to...

Go Fish

Go Fish is a Christian group with the slogan "Great music for kids that won't drive parents bonkers!" They sing fantastic a capella harmonies (usually only using percussion instrumentation), and it's really fun. I'll tell you more about the CDs and DVD we have--click on the pictures or titles to listen to samples of the music! (Ignore the "BUY NOW" part of the pictures--those were the pics I was able to successfully download from their site.)


Superstar is one of their earlier CDs, and it's a classic. Songs such as "The Ten Commandment Boogie" and a jazzed-up version of "Jesus Loves Me" are fun for kids and adults.


Some of the songs from Superstar are also on the group's first DVD, Showtime. It starts out with a live version of "Superstar," which begins with a catchy "Na na na" tune. Before Chickie could talk well, she'd say, "Na na!" when she wanted to watch this DVD--sort of confusing, since that was also her way of saying "banana." It's a short DVD, about half an hour--just right for a toddler's attention span. Now I'm introducing Zoodle to it.


Snazzy is another really fun Go Fish CD we have. I particularly enjoy "Hit the Drum," "Get Your Jammies On," and "The Mom Song." Chickie used to ask for this CD by using the first couple of lines of the title track: "Mommy, can we listen to 'Go Fish feelin' kinda snazzy, little rock and roll, little razzle dazzy'?"

It looks like the Go Fish guys have a new CD and a new DVD out, so we may need to buy those...or request them from my parents as a gift (hint, hint!)

I hope some readers will check out Go Fish and find that they like it just as much as we have. Again, please feel free to share your music suggestions in the comments! Thanks for the great suggestions yesterday. We had a late night so I didn't respond to them individually but will try to do so later today.


Call Me Cate said...

Ooh, now this would be even more appreciated by my sister I think. I'll definitely check out some samples from these two posts. The way this year is flying by, Christmas will be here in about 5 minutes.

E. Haid said...

Hi Beth! For my summer professional development hours I am taking an Educational Technology class in blogging. I will eventually have to make a blog for my class, but as of now it is just a blog of my learning. For this week's assignment we have to subscribe to follow a blog and comment on that blog. I am! I chose you! I look forward to following the musings of a busy mom!

caryn said...
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caryn said...

Opps ~ I didn't mean to delete my commment!

Thanks for posting these and the ones yesterday. I have ordered some for Ellie as well as for gifts for up coming birthday's and Christmas. I feel so a head of the game getting a jump start on the holidays!

June 24, 2009 6:11 PM

Monica said...

Love it! I know Will and Miranda will too. I'm definitely going to have to make a purchase. Thanks for the ideas!

Kerri said...

My kids love Steve Songs. He plays on PBS Kids sometimes. We have the On a Flying Guitar (my personal fav) and Marvelous Day CD's. They are funny catchy tunes that don't drive me crazy. My youngest particularly loves Going on a Bear Hunt.

Networlddirectory said...

I absolutely loved it!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I haven't heard of Go Fish, but will look for it next time we're out. We've got the Boynton books and cds, which are fun (I love lonely peas). I also enjoy Dan Zanes and even (after a little getting used to her) Laurie Berkner.