Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in Four Phases

Late Tuesday night, I sent The Engineer an e-mail. It read:

Dear The Engineer,

Today I became aware that this coming Sunday is Mother's Day. I wanted to send you this Public Service Announcement in case you were as calendar-unaware as I.

As part of this PSA, I should remind you that this is a fantastic day to make the mother of your children feel very special and pampered. She's probably not expecting anything in particular, but she's probably hoping for something very sweet and special. Since you have women in your office, you could always ask around and get some ideas. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make it a special day.

I hope this PSA has been helpful to you.


Yesterday morning he asked me if I'd like to go shopping today to find a new watch. I guess he'd noticed me looking around at watches lately. I was impressed--he was thinking about something special he could do for me! Being romantic isn't always the most natural thing for engineer types, and so it means a lot to me when he puts in the effort. (And a new watch? Woo hoo!)

Later, he was running errands, and he came home with these:


"Happy Mother's Day," he said. "This is Phase One."

I smiled. "Thanks!"

He continued. "Phase Two is Star Trek [which we saw yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed.] Phase Three is something tomorrow that you don't know about yet. Phase Four is watch shopping."

Now, as I write this, I still don't know what Phase Three is going to be. I'm just basking in my adorable Engineer's well-planned, four-phase pampering.

It's a good day--a good weekend--to be a mom.


Eternal Lizdom said...

He's doing great!! I'm eager to hear about Phase 3!

We've been celebrating all weekend, too!

caryn said...

Hayy Mother"s Day

Call Me Cate said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite online moms. I have to giggle because I'm pretty sure only an engineer would have a four phase plan and actually call it that. Hope you enjoy phase 3 and find an awesome watch for phase 4!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Mother's day in the UK was in March. I don't have kids but I help out with Brownies in my village and the girls confidently told me that ALL grownup women qualified as mothers for the purposes of getting presents!! Not sure about that logic.

Hope you have a great day with your kids :)

I'm Grace said...

How Sweet! Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Julie said...

I'm always soooo impressed when a man has a well thought out plan for holidays! My hubby is a little more... um... spontaneous.

Our Scoop said...

GREAT IDEA!!! I might have to ask for copyright permission for that note next year! It never hurts to give a little hint :)

And Jason! Major kuddos!! 4 Phases for a special day!! Nice!!

Happy Mother's Day Beth! You deserve a super special day! Glad it is off to such a running start!

caryn said...

Opps, I just re-read the comment I made earlier ~ you probably figure it out, it should have said "Happy Mother's Day" not "Hayy Mother's Day"!!!

Jailer said...

Happy Mothers Day Beth! :)

Unknown said...

How awesome is that?! Way to go Engineer!! Happy Mommie's day!!

C. Beth said...

Liz--Phase 3 was cards & chocolate! Fantastic! :)

caryn--Thank you! Hayy Mother's Day to you too! ;) (It's funny--I didn't even notice the typo until you pointed it out!)

Cate--Thank you! :) I know--I LOVED the way he found a way to be romantic in a fashion that was totally in-character for him.

Rachel--Hey, you may not understand the logic...but enjoy the benefits! :) I think since you help with Brownies you definitely deserve some perks on Mother's Day and other days.

Grace--Thank you!!

Julie--My hubby is usually "spontaneous" too (great way to say last-minute!) That's why this was so special.

Our Scoop--Absolutely, use the PSA letter next year! :-D It turns out he HAD remembered Mother's Day (before I did!) but I think the letter really helped.

Jailer--Thank you!!

Kris--Thank you! He really did do a fantastic job!

2cats said...

You're so lucky!
My husband does not believe he has to do anything for me for Mother's Day because I am not his mother.
Therefore my son did know how to do for his mom on this day.
A couple of years ago, I sat him down and explained it to him.
He kind of gets it now but may need a refresher course.
Lucky, Lucky You.

TesoriTrovati said...

Awww...that is so very sweet! I hope that the rest of your weekend was so worth it. I wonder if Phase 3 is something that cannot be discussed on a family show such as this?! teehee! Whatever it is you so deserve it. You are a wonderful mother and I can tell that The Engineer loves you a lot!
Enjoy the day!
Happy Mother's Day to all!

Becky said...

Wow, how thoughtful! I was going to post that I was dying to know what phase 3 was, but I saw your above comment so now my curiosity is satisfied. :-)