Friday, May 29, 2009

Beth's Bookmarks

I make liberal use of my browser bookmarks! Below I'll share some interesting sites I have bookmarked, and I invite you to do the same in your comments. Enjoy!

Gold Box has some fantastic deals. The Deal of the Day is available all day long or until it sells out; Lightning Deals are only available for a short time (usually 1-4 hours) or until they sell out. I love seeing what the newest deal is, and I usually check this site multiple times a day, though I only rarely purchase from it.


2. Wordle

This site is hard to explain, but it's worth checking out. (Thanks, Call Me Cate, for introducing me to it!)


3. "Parallel Play With Children," an article from the New York Times

My sister sent me the link to this fantastic article. If you're a parent who feels guilty for not engaging your child in creative or stimulating activities whenever you are with them...this is for you.


4. Hotel de Glace

It's an entire hotel made of ice. Seriously. I might not want to stay there, but I sure do dig the pictures.


5. stock.xchng

stock.xchng is a fantastic site full of free stock photos. Most can even be used for commercial publications. (The stopwatch on my other blog's header is from this site.)


Looking forward to hearing what fascinating sites you have bookmarked!


Ana - The Writer Today said...

Congratulations! I have chosen you to receive the “Premios Dardo” Award. Please check out my post at:

Rachel Cotterill said...

I tried pasting my novel into Wordle but it crashed!! :) Do you use any social bookmarking sites like

Call Me Cate said...

I'm always on the look out for free stock images so thank you! And I do so love the Gold Box but I always forget about it. When I do go to Amazon, I tend to order insane amounts of things I don't need so Joe has put me on an "Amazon Timeout". Sad but true.

Gina said...

One of my bookmarked pages is which offers a daily deal (Usually 50% off) on a baby/mommy item that is good from 9 am Mountain Time until they are sold out or until 9 am the next day. So far I have yet to purchase anything but I check it every day!

Barga said...

I used to have you bookmarked, now i might have to change that

Barga said...

anyways, twitter, gaia, facebook, linkedin, blogcritics, you, my site, other blogs
nothing really fun or exciting

Becky said...

I wasn't familiar with Amazon Gold Box - interesting! I clicked over to see what it was, and today's "Deal of the Day" is: Baconnaise, "Make everything taste like bacon". LOL. Sounds like a good Father's Day gift.

I love the free stock images site, too! Thanks for sharing!

As for me, my bookmarked sites mainly revolve around parenting, arts and craft ideas for young children, and recipes. Nothing too exciting.

Dani said...

Thanks for the parallel play site- I often have felt like I need to spend more playtime with my son. This helps a lot for my conscience.

My mom used to tell me, too, not to worry too much about trying to entertain them all the time because then they'll come to expect it and even depend on you for entertainment. It's much more healthy for them to also learn how to entertain themselves. :)


Unknown said...

Hiya Beth, I really enjoyed the link to Parallel Parenting, quite reassuring really.

I have lots of links in my favourites that I return to again and again, just a few here. For travel,, most of our holidays are booked using other peoples reviews - an excellent resource.

For information I use
For music I am hooked on,

For pictures I am a fan of

I shop on ebay, play Facebook Poker and have a Myspace account. So lots of links to keep me happy.

Have a great day whatever you are doing :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I don't know how interesting any of my faves are but... is a daily stop.

I've learned a lot on this site:

While I refuse to shop at a Wal Mart, I am not opposeed to getting free stuff from them.

For some sweet, gentle gaming...

And I get oodles of laughs from E!'s The Soup blog:

Other than that, it's message boards, online communities, blogs, Facebook, Yahoo...

Bri said... - it gives you a run down of any school. It tells you the state testing scores, the classroom profile and it even has a section for parent reviews. It has been great while househunting so we know what areas to avoid. - you can buy or sell anything handmade without fees, even photographs that you have taken can be sold here. I have yet to do it, but maybe one day :) - check for the lowest gas prices in your area by typing in your zipcode. Now that we have been conditioned to these high gas prices I don't check it as regularly as I did when they first started going up - pretty self explanatory there! I have not made this yet but it is very similar to my mac n cheese recipe, except this one can be made in the crockpot.

Lots more to include a ton of blogs, facebook, twitter, lots more recipes, school lunch menu, soccer schedule, school websites for when we move. I bookmark EVERYTHING LoL

caryn said...

That's for posting this, it made me look at my bookmark browser and realize I really needed to clean it out or at least organize it! I tend to bookmark things a bit to often "just in case" I want to go back, 75 % of the time I never go back! Your blog is one book mark I'll move to the top, really enjoy it. Enjoy your weekend.

C. Beth said...

Ana--Thank you for the award!

Rachel--I guess a novel must be too long for Wordle--bummer! :) I do use but pretty much just for recipes, and I don't check out others' sites usually--so I don't really use the social side of it. My link is just below Zoodle's pic on my left sidebar.

Cate--I'm so glad the stock image site is helpful! Yeah, it's easy to spend crazy amounts of money on Amazon, and so fun to find those brown boxes bearing gifts outside my door! :)

Gina--Wow, that site sounds great! Thank you!

Barga--Gaia looks different and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Becky--Apparently the Baconnaise thing is an inside joke--people who chat on the Gold Box daily forum are highly opinionated, and I guess there was a running joke about how bacon should be sold as a Deal of the Day or something. Amazon listened, and people really got a laugh out of it. When I saw it I was like, "What the heck?!" until I read that forum!

Dan--I agree with your mom! I loved that article too!

Sue--Trip Advisor sounds great! Thank you for sharing!

Liz--Hmm, 2nd time in 2 days I've heard of Woot. I need to check that out. Thanks!

Bri--Ooh, I need to check out that Paula Deen recipe! Thanks!

Caryn--Wow, you'll move me to the top? THANKS!!! :-D That's really sweet!

Barga said...

it is mostly roleplaying and kids
but i am a regular in the ED (extended discussion) both the Politics and Science/Tech section as well as the computer section

i am surrounded by adults from all political spectrums, contries/states, and ideals
it is fun debate

Janell said...

I'm addicted to I love reading and sharing book reviews and expanding my to-read list. I frequent for dinner (and dessert! and breakfast!) ideas. I check Netflix frequently to see what's coming, update my queue, and watch movies online. is another great place to catch up on t.v. shows online. Other than that it's mostly blogs (through Google reader), message boards, facebook, etc., and bit of news here and there. Oh, and I have a bunch of fun kids' websites that I let the girls' play on on occasion. is a really educational one that helps w/reading skills.