Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Micro: Love list

This weekend was somewhat challenging to me, as the mom of a three-year-old. You know, "somewhat challenging" in the way that a nuclear bomb is "somewhat annoying." So this blog post is a little exercise to help my attitude. I'm going to name three things I love about my three-year-old.
  1. I love her imagination. I bet I was the only mom in Taco Cabana today who realized the restaurant was actually a spaceship.
  2. I love the way she that she can sit with a stack of books and "read" for long periods of time. It makes me very proud!
  3. I love her desire to help me, whether it's at the grocery store, in the kitchen, or while cleaning.


Heather said...

:o) You are such a smart mommy, C. Beth.

With all three of my boys, it seemed that two's weren't so graduated into the three's and slipped a little into the four's but by a good solid five; they finally mellowed a little.

Lucien still has those tantrumish, challenging, put me on the edge of myself, moments now and then but they are few and far between.

There's light up ahead :o). It's so difficult though...because we want so desperately to enjoy every sinlge bit of them, and then they turn into a little monster for a second. Mothering is full of emotion; as if women didn't have enough of that already :o).

Great post, and follow up question at TOMW; clever lady.

SciFi Mama said...

Sounds like you had a weekend a lot like mine. There are days I'm not sure I'll survive the age of 3. Nice list.

Kara said...

Perhaps there is something in the air - it was a rough weekend here, too. The love list is a great idea :-)

Writer Dad said...

I have a seven year old and a four year old and love them each to pieces. This weekend though, I was having to make a few lists myself. : > )

Call Me Cate said...

I have to do the same exercise with my husband. And my cats.

So, back to my detective skills, I'm gonna say ZOODLE was the one you liked yesterday.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Must be something in the atmosphere- we had a hard weekend with our 4 year old... but it got much better by the end.

Love your love list! An important thing to do!

beckiwithani said...

I like the way she calls me "Uncle Becki!"

caryn said...

Sometimes it is nice (or necessary) to step back and look at the little things that make us happy but easily get overlooked.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I had to take my 5 year old aside tonight and let him in on a little secret about 3 year olds, as his 3 year old brother was detonating and being more than a little bit of an annoyance.
It was an A-ha moment for him, and he really appreciated the input since it's been SO long since he himself was 3.