Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inside Chickie's mind

I don't make any claims to understanding the crazy mind of a three-year-old. But if I could hear Chickie's thoughts, I imagine that at dinner last night, I would have heard something like this:

Mmm. Good lasagna.

Oh, my nose is running. (Sniffle.)

Yum. (Sniffle.)

Oh, it's really running. I should ask Mommy for a Kleenex.

But those Kleenex are all the way across the room, and I'd have to stop eating this yummy lasagna to ask Mommy.


Hmm, there must be a better way.

Oh, look, the couch is only a few feet from me! Let's see, I'll just hop off my chair--okay, I'm down--and wipe my nose right there on the seat of the couch.

That leather feels kinda cool on my nose.

Back to my chair. I don't even think Mommy noticed! That was fun.

Aw, geez, my nose is still running. (Sniffle.)

Okay, it worked so well last time, let's do it again. Off the chair, to the couch. WIPE.

Uh oh.

She noticed.

Really, Mommy, it's not that big of a deal. Lighten up! I'm not listening!

Mmm. Good lasagna.


Unknown said...

Too cute--and...sorry about your couch lol....

Heather said...

LOL!! Little turkey :o)

So that's what those crusty marks are on my couch...must be this mommy wasn't paying attention.


Tia said...

Yep sounds about right! Cute post!

deb@virginia blue said...

okay...that was way too cute!

what is it with toddlers being willing to wipe their nose on ANYTHING?? =)

Writer Dad said...

I clean my couch with a chisel.

Unknown said...

I've come to the conclusion that there is some weird snot magnet in our leather sofa. The Manimal (who is obsessed with all things booger-related) has been wiping his snotty nose on ours for at least a year. No amount of chastising, nor any threats deter him. Boxes of tissue at his level just make him want to have confetti parties, but the leather sofa? His own personal hankie.

Call Me Cate said...

On the plus side - at least she liked your lasagna! I can see you marketing your recipe "so good toddlers will wipe their nose on the sofa in order to keep eating!".

Barga said...

I wonder, could i still get away with this...

Isabella said...

LOL! You must make some really good lasagna. :)

(I'm curious why she chose to get up and use the couch. Don't most kids use their sleeves/arms at this age? :) )

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious! It must have been very good lasagna. Are you posting that recipe next?

I'm Grace said...

Thanks for this great story, you made my day!

LEstes65 said...

Too funny!

Anna said...

at least she didn't use the table cloth! LOL

C. Beth said...

Kris--Ha! Thanks--it's leather, so the snot wiped off easily. :)

Simply Heather--Ooh, crusty marks...nice. :)


debilyn--You're telling me! I guess they just don't get easily grossed out by silly things like snot!

Writer Dad--HA! Loved your comment.

ElleBee--NO WAY! That is totally weird! The Manimal and Chickie would get along well. :)

Call Me Cate--I bet that marketing scheme would be super successful!

Barga--Sure, why not?

Isabella--I know; I don't know why the couch seemed like a good option!

Our Scoop--Actually the lasagna was the recipe from It was the lasagna roll-ups recipe but I made it just as regular lasagna. Really, it's just a normal lasagna recipe. Good, but I may keep searching for a better one.

Dani--Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm Grace--I'm so glad you liked it!

LEstes65--It was pretty funny!

Anna--Tablecloth? What's that? :)