Saturday, October 2, 2010

zipfizz winners!

Well, the zipfizz giveaway was...kind of a flop. But you know what? That's great news for the four people who entered, because you ALL win! Each of you did a poem (which I thoroughly enjoyed) as your entry, so you all had equal entries. helped me to "draw" one of you for the grand prize (3 tubes of zipfizz), and instead of two first prizes, the other three of you will all get the first prize (1 tube of zipfizz each.) tells me that the grand prize goes to...

Commenter #1, Amanda! Amanda, I don't have any way to contact you, so please email me at with your address!

And the rest of you--Eternal Lizdom, Call Me Cate, & Tia--can each choose grape, pink lemonade, or orange soda, and I'll get your tube of yummy energy in the mail for you. Just email me at with your choice and your address.



Call Me Cate said...

Woohoo, finally I win something! Even if it's by default. Joe wants pink lemonade (how manly!) and I'm going to pay you for hats today so you can just send mine along with that if you want.

Eternal Lizdom said...


Cate speaking of hats reminds me... I should have snapped pics but not sure it would have been well received... at the RenFaire this weekend, there was a booth selling handmade crocheted and knitted hats. All were very fun- some had viking horns, some had pig or puppy ears. More intricate ones made it look like a fish was eat your head. Others were hats you pull down over your face- Teagan really liked a unicorn one that did that. And the prices were high- basic hats were $35 and intricate hats up to $75 or more! Could be a new market for you.

Amanda said...

Thanks, C Beth! I e-mailed you! Did you receive it? I'm very excited!