Sunday, October 24, 2010

9 miles!

Well, I did my longest run ever yesterday...nine miles! I wrote an extensive blog post about it at my running blog. But here's the nutshell version of what I'm learning as I increase my distance as a barefoot/minimalist runner.
  • It seems that taking short little breaks in the middle of my run is a good way for me to get re-energized...and also to massage out any sore spots. Stop lights are natural places to take breaks on training runs! I will probably take short breaks at a few of the water stops during my half marathon (on December 5.) It's all about finding out what helps me reach my individual goals.
  • If your body gets sore for any reason (working out, fibromyalgia, sleeping wrong...whatever), I've got to recommend this book to you:

    It's all about how to find "trigger points" (basically tight spots in your muscles) that cause pain, and how to massage them yourself to get rid of them. It's a method many have found to be very helpful, and I am loving it!
  • I'm really feeling empowered as I learn ways to overcome obstacles that could stop me from running. I'm learning better how my body works, and how to take care of it. What would I have done before the Internet?!
Next weekend we have a family race. The kids will run a 1K (0.62 miles), and The Engineer and I will run a 5 mile race. I'm looking forward to the first race our whole family will be participating in!


Tia said...

Can I make a recommendation? I don't know how far your training takes you. Mine only took me to 10 miles, which I ran 3 or 4 times and always felt great after. I don't know if it was totally mental or what, but as soon as I passed 10 miles in my race, my body started to freak out. If you can, run one full half before the race. That way, you will know you can do it!

Oh! And I saw a barefoot runner (well, she had those little homemade sandal thingys on) on my race and everyone was pointing and staring. Be prepared for that. Most peeps think that is a little weird!

Sandra said...

Wow, 9 miles is serious mileage! And barefoot no less. I can imagine how your commitment to your running (and the resulting solitary time) must feel so good. Good for you. :)