Friday, October 15, 2010

A ghoulish trip to CVS

I needed to pick up a couple of things at CVS Pharmacy today, and we ran into a little problem.


It wasn't the ice cream that was the problem. (After all, how could ice cream be a problem?!) It was the photos. I'd uploaded them and ordered them online, for in-store pickup.

Apparently our store is stuck in 1995, and hardly anyone uses that service. The pictures were ready, but the (very nice) cashier didn't know how to ring up the purchase.

"Evelyn," she called through the in-store paging system, "please come to the cash register."

We waited a little while, and then she paged Evelyn again. "Evelyn, please call me at extension 5525." After that, Evelyn, another (very nice) cashier, showed up in-person and started to try to figure it out.

"Okay..." she said. "Let's see. Hmm, online orders. Hmm. Oh, here they are. But how do we find yours? Okay, let's try this. What's your phone number?.... Okay, thanks. What's your last name?.... First name?.... Okay. Oh, I need your phone number again.... And your last name again?... First name?... Oh, here you are. But, why's it asking me this? No, you don't want to buy any photo books or collages or photo mugs. How do I get to the pictures?"

All this had already taken several minutes, and a high-pitched voice at my waist-level started saying, "Mommy, I need to go pee pee." I assured her we'd be leaving soon.

Back to Evelyn. She was taking my photos out of the envelope, and at the back of them was a sheet that conveniently listed the number of photos and the price. (And my phone number...and last name...and first name.) "Oh, look!" I said. "There it is!"

"Yes," Evelyn said, "but the computer still just keeps asking me if you want a photo collage, and you don't."

I realized that my "we'll be home soon" promise might not be fufillable, so we headed to the bathroom. When we got back, Evelyn looked up.

"I found it!" she said. She rang up my ice cream and my pictures. "Okay," she said cheerfully, "your total is $6.66."

666...the number of the BEAST! No wonder there was such trouble buying the photos. I considered holding a photo exorcism and burning them, but let's be realistic here. I don't want to go through what it might take to print them and pay for them again. I'll take my chances with the beastly pictures...and chalk it all up to Halloween arriving early!


Call Me Cate said...

A) Ice cream is NEVER a problem.
B) Maybe you should've just bought a photo collage.

Melinda said...

Was the ice cream melted by the time you got it rung up? Goodness. I feel for the ladies because I know how intimidating changes can be, but it is irritating that CVS didn't train them to handle the new technology.

~Abbey~ said...

i am with Cate on this one!

Sandra said...

Ha! I always cringe when a number 666 comes up too!

Until recently I guess I was stuck in 1995 too -- and then a friend told me how simple it is to order photos on-line. I LOVE it! I guess I'm lucky that my Walgreen's does more on-line orders than your CVS, because it's always been pretty fast for me. But I bet Evelyn will know exactly what to do the next time you pick up an order. :)