Friday, October 8, 2010

Care Calendar

Are you familiar with Care Calendar?

It's a fantastic way to set up meals and practical help (childcare, house cleaning, etc.) for someone in need. We use it a lot at our church when someone has a baby. A friend at church was recently diagnosed with mono. She has four kids (grade school and younger.) Add her husband and her mom (who lives with them), and it's a full household. That's not someone who can afford the down time that mono recovery requires!

So I set up a Care Calendar to help with meals. I've organized meals before, and I'm not generally that great at it. I remember the last time I organized meals for a new mom, I didn't make any reminder calls, and not everyone remembered their assigned date. Oops.

So I've been thrilled with how easy Care Calendar is. Once I had my list of email addresses, it took just a few minutes to set it up, and since then I haven't had to do anything! It even sends out reminders. My friend was able to send the link to her friends that I don't know, so between the ladies at church and other helpers, the calendar filled up in just a few days.

Care Calendar is free, though they do accept donations. If you want a stress-free way to help someone who is ill, has a new baby, or just needs a hand, be sure to check it out!

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