Monday, October 25, 2010

New snack

The kids and I have discovered a new healthy snack.


We got this Materna GoGo Squeez Applesauce on the Go at Costco, where they were giving free samples. It's in these little squeezable containers. The lady giving the samples was telling us, "You can even eat it in the car!" and I believe her. A kid could still make a mess, but it's designed in such a way that the applesauce stays in the packet until you suck it out. (Or, I suppose, until you drop it and step on it with the cap off!)

The two ingredients are apples & apple juice concentrate. I wish they'd made it with just apples and water--while I like the sweetness of it, I think applesauce is sweet enough without extra sugar in it. But I do like that it's all-natural, and I'll admit I love the extra-sweet flavor!

At Costco it was $6 and some change, for 12 servings--a little over 50 cents each. That's more expensive than applesauce in a jar, but really not too pricey. And Chickie likes the novelty of it, so she's excited to eat it.

This isn't a sponsored post; I just wanted to share!


Melinda said...

Ian LOVES those GoGo Squeez pouches and also all the baby food pouches from other companies. We call them smoothies and I give them as a "treat" when he isn't eating as well as I would like. I will have to watch for the value pack...maybe Sam's Club will start to carry them too!

Special K said...

They sell them at Trader Joe's as well. In Paris, they give you fries and these exact applesauce things in each happy meal.

GoGo SqueeZ said...

@Beth: thank you for the shoutout about our products! We'd be happy to count you as a friend on Facebook and keep in touch in the future. (Connect at:
@Melinda: you can check out our 'where to buy' section to find a local store carrying "GoGo smoothies" near you (here:
@SpecialK: You're right, Pom'potes is a big hit in France too and we have sold more than 1.6 billion pouches across Europe including in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Laurent / GoGo Squeez Community Manager / @gogosqueez