Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You mean...I can get PAID for this?

Confession time.

I spend far too much time blogging.

But I just love it. I've always enjoyed writing, but it's the first time in my life I've kept up with a daily journal like this. All I needed was an audience--who knew?!

It's a great hobby...but hobbies don't generally pay the bills, do they? Wouldn't it be nice if they did?

That's where blog ads come in. Today my blog looks a little different. You'll find an ad on either side of my posts. They are from BlogHer, which is a network for women who blog. The ads are targeted to women, which is great for my readership. (Honestly, are any men other than my dad and brother reading this thing?)

Now, I'm not going to beg you to click on the ads. My payment is based on the number of visitors to my page. If you think the product looks great, then of course, click! But most importantly, just keep reading the blog--the more often, the better! And if you come across a post you think a friend might like, click the little envelope below the post--it will allow you to e-mail it. Maybe your friend will become a loyal reader, too!

Thanks for reading C. Beth Blog. It makes my day when you write a comment! And I won't be making my fortune with these ads, but it's because of people like you that I can get a little bit of income doing something I love. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Oh I have seen the BlogHer stuff, but had no clue it was advertising or money making! There's also a way you can write for product reviews, but I haven't exactly figured that one out.

And as for comments- they most certainly make my day as well as a fellow blogger. I love checking for new ones. :) Which shamelessly,(plug) did you see my 'green giveaway' yet??? I know Ana would be thrilled if you won.... but, it is random- I haven't figured out exactly how yet, maybe I will have someone else read them and choose?
Any ideas?

Ok sorry for the hijacking, anyway I love reading your blog and hope I can help ya make some cash- we all can use some more of that!

Carol Beth said...

Brooke--Yes, I was planning on doing the contest then never got to it! Thanks for the reminder--I'll go check it out.

I know there's a website where you can do random number generation--let me see if I can find it....

Okay, here ya go.

I need to come up with a good contest for my blog. Hmm. If you (or anyone) has any good ideas, let me know.

Jen said...

I may not comment, but I do read your blog almost daily. Keep those posts comin'!

About the ads - my husband set up the same thing on our blog. I think after a year of having it, we've made a grand total of $10. Seems small, but's free money. :)

Jen said...

Oh, I should probably mention who I am (and how I found you). My screen name is *Isabella* on babycenter.

Carol Beth said...

Jen--Thanks so much for reading AND commenting! I'm hoping for more than $10 a year, but you're is money!!

Christy said...

Do you still get paid if your page is read through a blog reader? I'm guessing probably not, because you don't see the ads there...

btw - I found you through babycenter too. (I have a Jan. toddler, but mostly just lurk)

Carol Beth said...

Christy--Yay, another reader coming out of lurkdom! :) Thanks so much for reading & commentnig.

No, there's no payment if someone reads through a blog reader.

Hannah said...

Hello from a fellow April 08 bbc mama (chayah22 is my sn there). I've been reading your blog for a while and I have to say, I just love it :) Your stories add laughter to my day! And I always love to read about Eli since him and Ben are only a few days apart in age (but you can't beat Ana stories, I love your little girl!!) :) I have sent your blog to my mom and close friends to read, because I think any mother is going to be able to relate to what you write! Keep it up, and I'm glad to help you earn an extra bit of cash flow. I'll make sure to check your blog VERY often for updates now! ;)

~Hannah (and Ben too, since he's usually on my lap reading with me!)

Carol Beth said...

Hannah--Aww, you're going to give me a huge head! :) Thank you so much for the kind words and for passing the blog along. Eli says to say hi to Ben. :-D

Becky said...

Maybe you already knew this, but on Blogger there's a setting so that people just get a little "tease" through their reader, and they actually have to click through to your blog to read the whole post.

I did that for awhile because I like to keep track of stats - and if someone uses a reader, those don't show up on stats - but then I started backing up my blog (thanks to your post!) and to use the service I signed up with, you have to have full feeds. So there's a downside to choosing short feeds.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it!