Monday, September 29, 2008

Six months old

My sweet boy, six months ago you decided to enter this big world.

Labor and delivery were painful, but intensely beautiful. That day was full of firsts--hearing your first cry, holding you for the first time, Daddy's first snuggles, that first sweet nursing session, meeting your proud big sister. Every one of those moments was part of our joyful introduction to you, our Zoodle. I knew from your first hours here that you were a perfect fit into our family.

But, oh, how you've changed! You were such a sweet little newborn, but just like all newborns, you really didn't do much. You slept a whole lot, and ate, and made sure to fill your daily diaper quota.

Now your wonderful little personality has emerged, and I am enamored with you!

I love that you respond to my singing. When you're fussy, sometimes it just takes Mama's voice singing some silly little song, to calm you down. It's adorable when you're so tired that you can't quite stop crying, but you want to laugh too, and the result is your funny giggle-sobs.

Speaking of laughing, yesterday you just let out those little baby guffaws, one after the other, as your big sister blew raspberries at you. It was a preview of the silly sibling times we'll be seeing more of as you get older.

You bring joy to the people around you, strangers and friends, when you give them your willing, sunny smile. You have no idea how happy your smiles make people.

Sometimes you really get mad, especially when you're sleepy, and especially in the evenings. You've really given Daddy some rough times lately. But even when we dull grown-ups just can't seem to figure out exactly what you need, you don't hold a grudge. You get over it, and then you're ready to smile, cuddle, or play again. We adults could learn a few lessons from you.

Little guy, you're getting less little every day. I'm aware that you may very well outgrow me before you hit your teens. But while I can, I'm going to keep holding you in my arms, enjoying the gift that is you.


Kerri said...

Happy 6 month b-day the picture.

Laurel said...

Beth, what a loving tribute to your beautiful baby boy.

Eli's such a stud muffin!!

Lyndsay said...

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday Sweet Eli!

Anna said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Eli

Deals said...

How cute is he!?!? Happy 1/2 bday Eli!!