Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six words

One of the bloggers I really enjoy (and really relate to!) is MommyVern. Recently in this post she tagged me--gave me a challenge to respond to in my blog.

Here are the rules:
  1. Write a six word memoir.
  2. Post it to your blog, maybe with a pic.
  3. Link to the person who tagged you.
  4. Tag a few folks.
  5. Leave a comment for them with an invite to play.
Okay, a six word memoir. Here goes.

Passionately seeking God and loving family.

For a picture, I'm posting one that was taken right after Zoodle was born--it was one of the most passionate moments of my life as I praised the Creator and fell in love with my new son. It's not a pretty picture, but it was in incomparably beautiful moment.

So, time to tag three other bloggers. I'd like to tag three people I've lived with in the past--my brother Sean, and two of my college roomies, Rebecca and Karen. Hope the three of you will take up the challenge. And I'll extend the invite to all the other readers here; let's see your six-word memoirs! If you are a blogger please link to your post in the comments; if you don't blog you can put your memoir right into the comments.

P.S. I just noticed this is post #100 on my blog. Yippee!


Angie said...

What a cool idea! I'll take the challenge. I just need a few days to think of it.

Tia said...

Oh, I know!

living every day to the fullest!

It is not in my blog yet as I just posted this morning and want people to read it (it is a serious post) but there you have it. My blog is www.teeteewouldbeproud.blogspot.com

In case you don't remember me, I found you on babycenter and am a faithful reader.

Cathy said...

Okay, I'm a product of the 50s/60s so you have to explain "new" things to me -- what do you mean when you say you "tagged" someone?? --mom

Carol Beth said...

Mom--Challenges like this one are fairly common on blogs, and "tagging" another blogger just means you want them to take up the challenge on their blog, too. :)

Carol Beth said...

P.S. Happy birthday, Mom!!!!! :-D

duckbill said...

thanks for the challenge, Beth! i'm in a hurry and headed to psychotherapy, so i may not get this posted on my blog. here's mine:

empty, dull, bankrupt, swindled, alone: NOT!

i hope to talk with you soon. (maybe later today/tonight?)-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the pro-procrastinator!


Mommy Vern said...

Awesome memoir, thanks for playing! One we should all be living, eh?

beckiwithani said...

I just thought of my teaching memoir:

Expectations, support: high -- grateful, hardworking adolescents.