Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Look at these lips!

WARNING: This post is rated "E". That's not for "Everyone"; that's for "Estrogen". If you're one of my very few male readers, it's unlikely you'll find anything of use here.

That being said...

Girls, let's chat.

I am tired of being a mommy who all too often "lets herself go". Just because I don't often work outside the home anymore doesn't mean I shouldn't like what I see in the mirror, right? So I've been trying to put a little more effort into hair, makeup, even...gasp...accessorizing. (That one's a challenge for me.) I still get ready quickly; but a very few extra minutes can make all the difference in the world.

So I thought I'd steal a page from beautiful blogger Sasha and share with you my new favorite beauty product. It's AVON's Beyond Color Plumping Lipcolor in the shade Divine Wine. (I totally want the job of naming makeup colors.) Here's a picture of my smackeroos wearing this great lipstick:

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Oh, goodness, don't look too closely--I think I needed to floss when I took this picture. Oops....

The lipstick is supposed to make your lips look plumper, which honestly I don't notice happening at all, but I really like the smooth feel of it on my lips, and it's got SPF 15, which is a bonus.

So, how can your lips look this great? Well, if you have an AVON Representative, just contact her. If you don't have one, send the business to Mamma, my maternal grandmother who has been selling Avon for over 45 years.

You can shop on her website by clicking here. The easiest way to see this particular product is to scroll down on the left side of the page and click the dropdown list "Shop by Product Line". Then choose "Beyond Color". I know it's scary to check out colors online, but everything is returnable if you don't like it--and hopefully you'll be just as lucky as I was.

Here's a little tip. This lipstick was recently on sale for $3.99, and for a short time you can backorder it to get that price. Find your color by following the directions above, but don't actually order on that page. Click "shop by line #" at the top of the page, then select camp. # 18. Enter "Beyond Color" in the search field, and you can find the product you want, click on it, and add it to your bag.

Be sure to also click "online brochure" at the top of the site; they always have some good sales, and it's fun to scroll through the catalog. (Their Glazewear Liquid Lip Color is on sale for $1.99 right now. It's a gloss I really like because it doesn't glue my lips together. It's nice to be able to actually open my mouth when I'm wearing a gloss without my lips making a smacking sound.)

And lastly, use the code FSANY for free shipping. I just bought another Divine Wine so I can have one for my makeup case and one for my purse. With free shipping, why not?

So, pucker up and shop!


Sasha said...

Gorgeous color on you..... Love of LOTD!

Lyndsay said...

Beth, it's gorgeous! I though motherhood was an excuse for letting yourself go. You are making me look bad *sigh*.

Deals said...

Wow! Nice!! I love the color and the gloss that doesn't glue sounds groovey! I especially like the free shipping. I think I'll be ordering tonight. I am makeup obsessed. Oh and by the way, since you brought up flossing... I'll never forget my favorite flossing finatic roomie! Oh, the chats we would have while you were flossing :) It was so funny!!! I think you rubbed off on me as I am an avid flosser as well :) TMI???

Carol Beth said...

LOL, Karen! "Flossing finatic roomie"--I didn't even remember that being something you ever noticed and it's very funny to me that you remember it. Well, I'm glad you are a flosser too--though I have to admit I'm not as consistent since having kids....

Deals said...

Wow! You??? no way - I don't believe it :)

Hey, I just ordered about $23 of Avon. You are a good saleswoman. I liked your pucker - it had real sales power :)

Becky said...

I've always liked Avon. I think it's so convenient these days to be able to order online, too, instead of having a rep come to your house once a month whether or not you feel like ordering something.

I shy away from anything with the words "lip plumping" in it, since I already have the Angelina Jolie lip thing going on. But that lipcolor looks good on you!