Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chickie, you've got mail!

Yesterday Chickie was hanging out at Lowe's with Daddy, and on the way home they picked up the mail.

From the back seat, Chickie said, "Daddy, can I have a piece of mail?"

Daddy found a piece of junk mail and handed it to her. To his surprise, under that postcard was a card addressed to Chickie! He handed it to her, and she got to work opening her very first "just because" card from Grammy.

It was a hit! Grammy even included stickers. I guess Chickie's still in her stickers-as-body-art phase.

We don't live close to any relatives, so we're always wanting ways to help Chickie feel connected with her grandparents. Webcams are fabulous, but having a real envelope to open, with a card and stickers just for Chickie, was such a fun way for her to connect with someone special. Thank you, Grammy!

And thank you to JL from The Toby Show for the great idea. Grammy very quickly took my not-so-subtle hint when I sent her your link.

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Becky said...

Kids love that! Unfortunately, my kids aren't as blessed on the grandparent front, but I have mailed letters & little treats to Sammy from my alter egos, "Clifford" and "Little Critter" (some of his favorite book characters). And then occasionally we get free stickers in the mail from Disney (wanting to sell us books or some such thing) and I always give that envelope to Sammy to open. I remember how exciting it was to get mail, as a kid!