Monday, April 1, 2013

A little birdie told me...

Cool thing about come across stuff you hadn't seen in years. Sometimes that's cool because you get the thrill of throwing it away. And sometimes it's cool because the item is full of sweet memories.

When I was a girl, someone carved this little pendant for me. He made one for my twin sister Becki too. Before birds were popular, I might add! I forgot who made it.... Maybe my mom will chime in with that information.

 photo IMAG3580-1_zpsee7b2dfe.jpg

I enjoyed wearing it then, and I love that I can wear it again.

 photo IMAG3581-1_zps0b620049.jpg

And this time I have a little girl of my own to share it with too.

 photo IMAG3583-1_zps48911366.jpg


Unknown said...

Sorry - but I don't even remember the little bird - so no help from Mom!

Cathy said...

oops! Didn't know I was signed in as your dad! But he probably doesn't remember either:)

Mike said...

lol at the parental confusion above!

What a cute necklace! Definitely one of a kind (or two of a kind?). :) So glad the semester is winding down so I can catch up on reading your blog again! Makes me realize how busy things have gotten!