Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 x 7 = 35

I'm 35 today. Thirty-five! And I'm okay with that. More than okay, I'm happy to claim it, because I was thinking this morning...35 years. And not a bad year in the bunch.

Thirty-five feels like a milestone. As I lay in bed this morning, I considered what "big stuff" has happened in each five-year block of my life. Here's what I came up with.

Ages 0 through 4: Birth. And Imagination.

Well, I guess being born was an important start. Here are my sister Becki and me with our parents.


Of course, I don't remember the birth, so I'll move on! What I do remember from my first five years is that I started to develop an imagination. Becki and I loved playing make-believe. Blankets became princess capes. We had conversations on the red, plastic phone that stuck to the side of the tub with a suction cup. Sometimes our brother Sean even joined in and that made it extra-special! In this picture, Becki and I are pretending a box is a boat.


Okay, we probably weren't pretending it was a boat; we were only 15 months old. But I don't have that many pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination!

Creativity has remained such an important part of my life, even if I'm no longer using blankets as capes (not often, anyway!)

Ages 5 through 9: Faith

When I was five, I decided to follow Jesus. How much can a five-year-old really understand about faith? Maybe not a whole lot, but with the mind and heart of a little girl, I believed. More importantly, I've continued to believe. And my friendship with God...imperfect, at times shaky, and at times strong...has given my life depth, meaning, and direction.

My first day of kindergarten.

Ages 10 through 14: Piano

When I was 10, I started taking piano lessons. I don't write much on my blog about playing piano, because honestly, it's not something I'm passionate about. But I play keyboard nearly every week at church, and when I was young, it was a pretty big part of my life. It was a great way to help develop and exercise that artistic side of my brain.

Me, at 12

Ages 15 through 19: Becoming Me

Of course, I've been "Me" through my whole life. But high school and college were times of big growth for me. I became more and more confident and comfortable in my own skin, and I started to really become the "Me" I am today...someone I really do like.

High school graduation

Ages 20 through 24: Marriage

I started dating The Engineer when I was 21, and we married about a year later. He's a huge part of why I love my life today. He's such a blessing to me!


Ages 25 through 29: Chickie

When I was 28, Chickie was born. Life suddenly developed more depth and beauty. I absolutely love being a mom to my girl.


Ages 30 through 34: Zoodle, and a Special Pregnancy and Birth

Several months after I turned 30, Zoodle was born, completing our family (unless God has any surprises for us!) He is such a source of joy in our home!


And then when I was 34, I had the amazing privilege of carrying my best friend's baby. I expect that when I look back on my full life in future decades, I'll remember my experience of being a gestational carrier as one of the most beautiful and profound times of my life.

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Ann and beautiful Munchkin, a few hours after the birth

Ages 35 through 40...Who knows?
I'm excited to see where God will take us in the next five years. I bet it will be wonderful.

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Me, at 35


SurvivorBlessing said...

I am wishing you a very happy birthday. 35 is not bad.... just come to my age... haha
This is a wonderful way to look back at your life and see all the blessings of it. I feel very special that me and the baby are a part of that. And I am curious and excited what else God has for you in the future.
Wishing you showers of blessings in every aspect of your life.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Beth! I'm happy to know you even if it is only virtually and it's been great for our kids to grow and share that with each other. You were beautiful from the start, but you are exceptionally beautiful in your present. Have a great celebration. :)

forever folding laundry said...

Happy birthday to you!
Hope this is a fantastic year!


Sasha said...

Happy belated birthday Beth! What a wonderful post!

Mike said...

Happy very, very belated birthday, Beth! This was like reading a really wonderful storybook. Best wishes. :)