Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why I love The Hunger Games

Many months ago, I kept reading effusive comments online about The Hunger Games series. I looked it up online, and decided it wasn't for me. Kids killing each other...for sport?! It sounded too disturbing!

But I kept hearing good stuff. Then I got a Kindle. I was offered a special deal on a book...and The Hunger Games was one that I could choose. I could, essentially, buy it for free. So I decided to try it out.

And I loved it. Yes, on the surface, it's a story about pre-teens and teenagers who are forced into a fight to the death, for the entertainment of the ruling class. That's pretty gruesome. But as I read the book (and quickly devoured the other two books of the trilogy too), I realized this series doesn't glorify violence.

It's a story about fighting against injustice.

It's a story about respecting life.

It's a story about love.

It's a story about trust.

It's a story about how people are changed by violence.

It's a story about how terribly people can be changed by war...even when they fight for a just cause, even with the war is necessary.

In the end, The Hunger Games trilogy touched me, thrilled me, and made me think. It entertained me--not because it plays up the "entertainment" value of violence. But because the characters, the plot, the eternal themes of good against evil--were so well-written and compelling.

I can't wait for the movie (released on March 23). I'm reading the first book again, in preparation, and I know I won't be able to stop there--I'll need to read the other two books again too.

I love getting lost in a book, and it's especially satisfying when it's a book that really says something, something worth hearing. That's what The Hunger Games does for me.

This book review is uncompensated.


Mellodee said...

OK, I'll give it another try (on the Kindle for cheap). I started it and found it easy reading but I kept anticipating all the grim and grusomeness and I just didn't want to go on....even though I hadn't seen any actual grim or grusome to that point.

There are just sooo many people saying wonderful things about it, I'm going to have ignore my interior alarm bells and read a bit more....just to be fair....but if it gets to the killing part and I'm not hooked, I'm outta there! :)

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Hi Beth! I LOVE the Hunger Games. My daughter insisted I read them. I am such a slow reader and thought ack. Well, I devoured them and loved the escape and amazingly twisted alternative reality portrayed in these great stories. My daughter and her two best bus buddies (both boys) with parents- all will be seeing that release and looking forward to it! Actually one parent volunteered to get tickets in advance and also invited us over for dinner before we go!

Amanda said...

This is a wonderful review, Beth! You did a fantastic job of going beyond the surface entertainment of the story. I wish other people saw that there was more to the plot than just killing.

I loved these books so much; I devoured the first two in as many days!

Mike said...

Oh good! My 9-year-old brother is reading this so I'm glad it isn't as gruesome as it sounds!!

Kendra said...

i am laughing because i just did the same thing: reread the first book in anticipation for the movie, then cruised through the next two again. can't help myself. :)

Monica said...

I guess I will have to check it out.