Friday, March 30, 2012

An Easter treat (made by the kids!)

Chickie's school had a carnival last week, and one of the events was a "Kinder Cake Auction." Kindergarten kids were invited to decorate a "cake, cupcake, or anything in between" for auction. Proceeds benefited the PTA.

I stretched the definition of "cake" a bit when I decided to make dipped Easter Eggs made out of crispy rice cereal. (Yes, I did use the generic brand of Rice Krispies!) There's a basic recipe on the Rice Krispies website, but we changed it a bit. We used melted Almond Bark instead of chocolate chips with shortening (easier, and it "set" very quickly); and instead of dipping the eggs in sprinkles, the kids just shook the sprinkles on.


One thing I love about this treat is that even a four-year-old and a six-year-old can decorate the "eggs" and they still turn out really cute! No "adult expertise" required.

Caught you eating a sprinkle, Zoodle!

One recipe made about 30 eggs. I made sure that Chickie decorated a dozen for the auction. (We kept Zoodle's eggs for ourselves!)


Chickie's eggs went in a cute basket.


They didn't sell for much. They were sold at the beginning of the auction when things were "ramping up," and I didn't drive the bid up like a lot of other parents ended up doing--oops! But the person who bought them seemed to really want them, and I hope she enjoyed hers as much as we enjoyed ours.

I highly recommend this as a great kid activity for Easter--an activity that results in snacks that Mom and Dad want to eat too! (I mixed and formed the eggs by myself while Chickie was at school, but that's something she would have been old enough to help with too.)

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Joeloew said...

WOW I love those cakes! They look delicious! You are a very nice woman with adorable kids! Omg I want to have the same happy family like yours <3