Monday, January 9, 2012

Tune into Jeopardy! today!

Remember how almost two years ago, my sister was on Jeopardy!? I didn't mention it at the time, but her husband had been on the famous quiz show the year before. There are a lot of IQ points in that household!

Now our brother Sean has joined the grand tradition! He'll make his national television debut on Jeopardy! today! The show is syndicated, which means it's shown at different times and on different channels, in various locations. You can find the show time in your area by clicking here.

So tune in and watch Sean today! Apparently you can even see a little of his interview/intro with Alex Trebek on the commercial that airs all day prior to the showing. I'm hoping to watch our local Jeopardy! affiliate today to see if I can catch the ad!

I would like to point out that I feel pretty special.... I'm the only one of the three of us siblings who hasn't been on Jeopardy! How many people can claim such an honor?! In all seriousness, I'm really proud of my big brother Sean, and I know he's really excited. (But no, I don't plan to attempt to make it "three for three." I'm just not as good at trivia as my esteemed siblings, so I'll leave the quiz shows to them!)

In closing, a little Jeopardy!-style answer/question of my own:

A: This word looks weird and misspelled when you type it repeatedly.
Q: What is Jeopardy!?


SurvivorBlessing said...

hazard, danger, peril, risk

Unknown said...

How exciting. I am going to have to try and catch the show to cheer for him.

Norris "The Pipes" said...

Thanks Beth! I've just set up a Tumblr blog to record all of the hoopla surrounding my Jeopardy! appearance, including blog posts and articles about the show and my competition. (Today I'll be competing against champion Dan McShane and fellow challenger Julie Podlesni.)

I'm dedicated to posting any info I can find, whether good, bad or indifferent. It should be interesting to see some of the reactions to the show, which has such a rabid fan-base (who typically have some pretty strong opinions about the contestants). I will caution that some of the language on the blog is not family friendly, as I've linked directly to things people have written (and apparently my competitor Dan has inspired some pretty 'colorful' comments so far....mostly about how attractive people thing he is!)...

Sean "The Pipes" Norris On Jeopardy!