Sunday, October 9, 2011

Volume control

We sat around the dinner table the other day with some friends. With four adults and four kids, there was a lot going on, and Zoodle definitely hasn't fully grasped the quiet, "inside voice" concept yet. His voice rose above the rest.

"Zoodle!" The Engineer said, exasperated. "Why are you talking so loud? You need to learn some volume control!"

We went on with dinner, and a minute or two later, Zoodle's voice piped up,

"What's vawyoom contwoah?"

We all laughed, and Daddy and I explained the "volume control" concept to him. But that wasn't enough. He followed up our explanations with questions about what "vawyoom" means, and what "contwoah" means.

And when we were done, he proved to us that he does indeed have volume control. The control just happens to be stuck on "LOUD."


J Cosmo Newbery said...

It was the loud "Why is that man so fat?" questions in the supermarket queue that used to cause me the most grief.

Dan & Hillary said...

My kids' voices seem to be the loudest once inside the mini-van. I feel your pain;-)