Friday, May 6, 2011

Why Chickie doesn't attend preschool

Chickie starts kindergarten in three and a half months. The time is passing quickly! These days I often get the question, "Did she go to preschool?" or, "So she's in Pre-K now?" But other than Sunday School and gymnastics, Chickie's first day of kindergarten will be her first day of school.


Let me start by saying, I'm not anti-preschool! But I didn't go to preschool, so I didn't automatically assume my children would. At various times I've thought about sending Chickie, and, while Zoodle may eventually go, Chickie never did.

There are many reasons to send a child to preschool, but in my mind there are several big ones.
  1. Often someone is needed to watch children while their parents work. I don't work anywhere close to full-time, and as a real estate agent I don't have a regular schedule, so I haven't needed regular childcare.
  2. Many children benefit from socialization with other kids. Chickie would have loved the socialization of preschool, but she gets a lot of other socialization. We're active at church and do plenty of play dates with other kids--plus, she has a playmate at home. In other words, she gets a lot of free socialization, and I didn't want to pay for extra!
  3. Preschool can prepare children academically for kindergarten. Chickie enjoys learning, and I think she's quite well-prepared for kindergarten. While she would have gotten extra education at preschool, we didn't think she needed it in order to do well in school.
  4. Mommy needs a break! I can understand this one! When we were expecting Zoodle, I thought I might send Chickie to preschool if I needed a few hours a week with only one kid. But, while I certainly have had many overwhelming moments as a mom of two, Zoodle's generally not a high-maintenance kid, and the transition to two kids was in most ways easier than I expected.
  5. It's nice for young kids to learn classroom skills like standing in line, raising their hands, etc. I know that Chickie will be a little behind in some of these areas compared to preschooled kids, but she gets some experience in her (structured) Sunday School class and gymnastics class, and I don't think it will take her long to "learn the ropes."
We live in a state without free universal Pre-K. In the end, we never wanted to add the cost of preschool into our budget, when we didn't feel that Chickie needed it for any reason. She'd have enjoyed it...but she'll enjoy kindergarten soon enough!


Unknown said...

I think Chickie sounds like she will do very well in Kindergarten without having gone to preschool. She is one smart cookie. I think it really depends on the kid if they will benefit from the preschool experience. Ian will probably need that structured experience because he is so headstrong. He would benefit from learning how to follow class directions and paying attention, but he wouldn't need the socialization becuase of day care. If he was more apt to do what he is told instead of coming up with his own way I wouldn't bother with preschool either.

Leslie said...

I personally sent my daughter to daycare (not Pre-K) for reason #1... I worked. :) However, when I left that job and decided to stay home, I took her out. I worked with her at home. She was ahead of most students when she started Kindergarten.

Plus... if I had sent my daughter to Pre-K, she would have been much further ahead than other students. Then she would have been REALLY bored...compared to the slightly bored that she already was! :)

I don't know you personally, of course, but I think that a parent is always doing the best for the kid when they spend time at home with them as much as possible. It's never a bad thing when a loving parent hangs out with their kids! :)

Megan Fletcher said...

i think Chickie will be more ready than some kids who might have gone to formal preschool...because you're her mom and because of the way God made her. She will excel!

we've been blessed to have our kids in preschool because it was a gift to our family so I could serve in ministry. i'm with you on all your reasonings for not sending Chickie to preschool. I never assumed my kids would go either. Not sure Jett ever will. But, we've been blessed that Rylee went for a one year (just 2 days/week) and that the twins have been able to go last year and this year (same 2 days/week). it's been a great blessing. I imagine if Chickie and my twins were all in a classroom together, they would love kinder together and be three peas in a pod!

Autumn said...

Makes sense to me! Neither of my girls went to Pre-K and BOTH are doing fine in school. :)

Ox said...

Austin is just finishing up his year in Kindergarten. He has done amazing throughout and was awarded gold honor roll this quarter. I couple of "yellow" face warnings throughout but he's been great and he enjoys it. And he didn't go to preschool.

I struggle with the idea of preschool. Mainly, I feel that the boys are in school for 13 years so why add to it. I also don't want my boys to be bored in school. And since I'm home, why would we pay for it. Much like you, we are active in church and both of my boys say bye without so much a backward glance.

Like most decisions, it depends on the family. And what works for us, won't work for others. Trust me, kinder came too quickly! Have a great day Beth!

Call Me Cate said...

I attended pre-k, mostly for the socialization aspect of it. My brother wasn't born until just before I started kindergarten, there were no neighbor children to play with, and we weren't involved in church at that point.

I think, like most other things in life, it needs to be a conscious decision specific to that situation. For Chickie, it wasn't necessary. She seems like a bright little girl and I'm sure she'll do just fine in the Fall.

Renee said...

I debated whether or not to send my daughter to preschool, too. When I discovered a cooperative preschool near us, I decided to send her, and it's been great. I love that I'm in the classroom with her a few days a month, and I get to know the other moms and kids really well. I also, of course, love that it's significantly cheaper than all other preschools in the area since it's tax base is different and the moms/dads/grandparents are the workers. If you have one near you and decide to send Zoodle to preschool, I would totally recommend the concept of a co-op!

LEstes65 said...

BigBro didn't do preK. His daddy was a stay-at-home dad. His first day of Kinder was his first school setting of any kind. We weren't churchers back then, either. He had a 2 wk period of adjusting to pushing in his chair, raising his hand, walking in a line, etc. As you know - he did fine.

Lil'Bro did do preK. As you know, he only went to preK when his daddy left. And - as you also know - he did fine, too. He had to adjust to being away from us suddenly at the age of 3. But he did.

Kids are awesome and adjust to whatever they need to. I have no doubt Chickie will be stellar. Just like her future hubby (one of my boys - HA!).

Love you!

The Fat Chick said...

My first day of school was first grade. Other than a horrid teacher, I did fine. Chickie will most likely do better than the pre-K kids because she had a mother who is willing to spend time on her child. :)