Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chocolate Chunk Coconut Milk Ice Cream

My wonderful friend Ann eats mostly vegan foods, so while she likes ice cream, it's not something she indulges in very often. But recently I got an ice cream maker, and our play date today was the perfect opportunity for me to try my hand at making vegan ice cream!

And you know what? I'm not vegan, but this stuff tastes good! It's great whether you're vegan, lactose-free, or just want a flavor different than normal ice cream. The texture is fantastic--very creamy!


Best of all, it's very easy to make. The recipe is below. Enjoy!

Chocolate Chunk Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Vegan & lactose-free

Approx. 750 mL/25 fl. oz. canned coconut milk
2/3 c. sugar
3/4 tsp. vanilla
4 oz. vegan chocolate of your choice (I use Baker's Semisweet Baking Squares, which contain no milk. Be sure to read labels carefully.)

1. Pour coconut milk, sugar, & vanilla into a bowl, and whisk the sugar in until it's all dissolved. I used the whisk attachment on my stand mixer.
2. Pour into ice cream maker bowl and start ice cream maker, according to the manufacturer's directions. (Mine requires that the maker be started before ingredients are added through the top.)
3. While the ice cream maker is working its magic, cut chocolate into nice lil' chunks. It's okay if some of it kinda gets shredded because your knife is too dull. It's all good....
4. When ice cream looks like it's done, add chocolate and let it all get mixed in. Turn off the ice cream maker, and enjoy! (If you don't like the soft-serve consistency, let it freeze in a separate container for a couple of hours before eating.)



Amanda said...

Yum! Officially adding ice cream makier to my mother's day list :) This must be the year of electrical gadgets because I have a waffle maker and donut maker on there as well haha.

Janell said...

My oldest is lactose intolerant, I definitely want to give this a try. Now all I need is an ice cream maker! :)

Mike said...

One thing's for sure...it definitely looks good! :P Can you believe it's still too cold up here for ice cream? :(

Vixbil said...

Sounds absolutely YUMMY, might have to look out for an ice cream maker now!!!

SnoWhite said...

this does look awesome!!