Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seasonal stitching

I did a lot of crocheting on vacation and have continued since coming home! Here are photos of come of the hats I made. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph two of them before I gave them away...sigh.

First, a hat I made months ago.... I've even posted photos here before. It's from the free Pretty in Pink pattern from Valerie Whitten. Here is my adorable niece, 4-year-old Molly, modeling her new hat:

The rest of the hats are my original designs.

Mamma and Papa (my mom's parents) got hats.
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I made this fun black and navy hat as a special order for a Twitter friend. Most yarns these days have at least some acrylic in them, but this hat doesn't. It's 93% wool/7% polyamide (whatever that is!), and I like the soft texture.
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My mom was given some really cool yarn called SoySilk, which she passed on to me. It's a pricey yarn, and it was cool to get it for free! I had just enough of the purple/pink variety to make this little hat for Chickie. It's hard to tell, but it has little raised polka dots on it.
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This last hat is the one I'm the most excited about...but it comes with a disclaimer! My brother is the voice of the Winterhawks, Portland's minor league hockey team. He announces all their games. Not only does he love his job; he's also a huge fan of the team. I wanted to make him a hat based on the Winterhawks logo. Here's the disclaimer--this is not licensed, and I only made it because it's a gift. I don't sell hats based on trademarked team logos; I don't want to end up in court! But I figured one hat as a gift would probably be okay. Here's Sean, modeling his hat. And he just happened to be wearing his jersey when we opened presents, so you can compare the hat to the logo!
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I was more excited about this than I was about any of the other presents...including the ones I was opening! I love my big bro so much and thought this would be the perfect gift for him. My anticipation paid off! Sean reacted just like I'd hoped he would--with utter enthusiasm. I was so thrilled and gratified to see how excited he was!

I continue to love the creative aspect of making hats, and I love sharing them with you! I am still taking custom orders; just email me to talk about design, prices, and production time. Most hats are $10 to $35 depending on complexity and materials. And there are still a few pre-made hats over at my Etsy shop, C. Beth Crochet.


Monica said...

I love them! I wish I wore hats. Miranda got a really cute one from my brother and his wife- it's a cupcake. I'll have to send you a picture-totally adorable!

Megan Fletcher said...

very nice work Beth, especially on Sean's. I can imagine his reaction. I think I can even hear him! What a neat gift...incredibly unique and speaks volumes as you took time and creative effort to make something very special.

Sasha said...

Sean's hat is so cool! You are wicked talented!

LEstes65 said...

I love all of your hats but that hat for your brother? That rocks them ALL!!!

SurvivorBlessing said...

I started reading this post a couple of days ago and only got to finish it now. I LOVE the hat you made for your brother!!! It is totally cool.... great job in crocheting it! I bet you were excited!!!

Sandra said...

You make beautiful hats. Molly's is just darling. But Sean's is so unique -- I can imagine how much fun it was for him to receive such a specific gift. Beautiful work. :)