Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"There was a really cool interview on NPR the other day," I told The Engineer. "It was about barefoot running." And then I proceeded to tell him so much about the interview that he certainly wouldn't ever need to actually listen to it himself.

As I wrapped up, I noticed he was...fidgety. You know, like I am when he tells me about the plot of a video game.

"Sorry," I said. "Am I talking about this barefoot running thing too much?"

"Well, it's all you talk about," he replied.

Point taken. There may be more to life than barefoot running, and it might help my conversations with my husband if I could insert a little more variety and a little less "sole."

But for some reason when I get excited...I mean, really excited...about something new, I get obsessed with it. In the last 2 1/2 weeks since I decided to start running barefoot, I've joined multiple online communities; perused advice on barefoot running injuries I don't even have; read a book by a barefoot running proponent; and talked--a lot--about running barefoot.

When I was pregnant with Zoodle, I read book after book about natural childbirth. A couple of years ago evolution and the evolution/creationism debate had me obsessed for months on end. When barefoot running has been relegated to just another part of my normal life, part of me may miss the obsession and look forward to my next all-consuming interest. And part of me will just be glad my brain has calmed down for awhile!

It really is smart to be careful just how much I talk about these things, because frankly, not everyone is interested in what I'm learning about barefoot running form and how my soles are handling the asphalt! But at the same time, when it comes to how I spend my time, I'm hesitant to limit my obsession too much. It really is fun to delve neck-deep into a topic that fascinates me until my curiosity naturally dies down. You could call it an entertaining way to get some no-credit adult continuing education.

When you have a new interest, does it naturally just fit in with the rest of your life; or do you find yourself temporarily obsessed?


Smoochiefrog said...

Totally obsessed; that's why we spend every Sunday looking at Open Houses. It doesn't matter that we won't be moving until sometime between September-November, I have to look at houses right now!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I've been known to do that!! I like to be an expert on whatever is in front of me- it might be parenting, pregnancy, home buying, car buying, whatever.

Right now, Christy is the one who has been really obsessed with minimalist running and I feel like I'm kind of following in her wake. :)

Unknown said...

I am currently obsessed with giving my bedroom a makeover. My son had a bad rash and, with a rather acrobatic maneuver on his part during a diaper change, he smeared rash ointment all over my bed. The comforter and sheets are stained with what looks like oily blotches. So I want to replace the bed set, and now I want to get new window treatments and a throw rug to match. My husband is so sick of hearing about it that he said to just charge something and get "whatever you want Hon."

Kara said...

I get obsessed, like you - my current new fixation is making my own sausage. Hubs gets bored hearing too much about it, but he is a most willing taste tester and very happy to have sausage 4-5 times a week for dinner!

Lola said...

It depends on what it is- but I tend to become obsessed- when my oldest was born I read every book, joined online groups, searched the internet, etc about parenting, birth, breastfeeding, you name it.

The funny thing is- the 2nd time around- I didn't pick up any of those books again - not because I was an expert, just didn't feel the obsession.

I do tend to be mildly obsessive about new things until that newness wears off.

Heidi said...

Like you, I get full-on-OBESESSED for awhile Right now my obsession is swim lessons for infants and toddlers. It's something I've been fairly passionate about for the past few years (my son started survival lessons at 17mo and my daughter started them at 7mo), but after a friend's son was involved in a near drowning last week I became REALLY obsessed . . . .my friend is a good mom and it happened to her little boy, so I KNOW it can happen to one of my kids. While her son was still in the hosptial (he's going to be ok!) the mom even asked me "Aren't you glad you had your kids do ISR? I now wish mine had done it a LONG time ago". Informing others has become my obsession

Call Me Cate said...

I also tend to become obsessed, at least at first. I think when something is new to me I just want to immerse myself and learn everything I can. Once I'm past the initial learning curve, I settle down a bit and it melds into the rest of my life.

Traci said...

When you are learning something new it's exciting. Especially when you are learning something that most people don't know information about. You feel like you have to have all of the information to justify your position and find arguments for it. It's only natural. At least you have your blog. You can be just as obsessed as you want to be here. :)

MarjnHomer said...

I seen that too. I want to get those shoes but I just run barefoot in my house in the basement with the kids

Sandra said...

I think when you are a "communicator" like you and me, it's only natural that whatever is your foremost interest at the time is what you are going to talk about -- alot! So I guess we do have to be careful not to "sing a one-note song". I especially remember that after DD's wedding was over, seeing what I think was relief on the faces of my lunch buddies at work because they had heard EVERY DETAIL during the planning! :)