Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Add Humor and Faith" to your blog reading!

In May I had my second blogiversary and did a giveaway. The prize was two-fold: something yummy from my kitchen, and some free PR for the winner's blog.

The lucky winner was Sandra. Except I'm not sure she was really that lucky, because I'm finally, two months later, holding up my end of the deal! Sandra got some Sweet & Spicy Roasted Nuts in the mail yesterday. (CrockPot recipe here!) And I'm pleased and proud to tell you all about her blog today!

Sandra was one of the first people to find my other blog, The One-Minute Writer, at the end of 2008. That led her here, and I ended up checking out her blog, Add Humor and Faith...Mix Well. We hit it off in this wonderful blogosphere, and we've been reading each other ever since!

The title of Sandra's blog is nicely descriptive. Her writing is full of both humor and faith. If she were to be even more accurate, she could call it "Add Humor, Faith, Wisdom, Photos, Healthy Recipes, and a few Indulgent Recipes (Cake Balls, anyone?)...Mix Well." On the other hand...sometimes conciseness trumps accuracy!

Sandra married her high school sweetheart, and a great way to get introduced to her blog would be to read the story of how they met. After enjoying that story, maybe you'll keep reading...and start enjoying your daily dose of humor and faith from Sandra!

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Thank you so much, Beth. First of all for the DELICIOUS nuts that we enjoyed so much (yes, they're already gone), but also for this write-up.

You are truly one of the blessings I have received through blogging. :)