Friday, August 28, 2009

Zoodle: Silly Binky Boy

I was choosing some recent photos of Zoodle that highlight his silly side...and as I edited them I realized he's got a binky in his mouth in all of them. This kid sure is attached to that thing (and Mama isn't quite ready to tackle that habit yet!) But here he is, in all his silly, binky-addicted glory.

Plastic storage containers--they're useful for leftovers, and they also make quite dapper hats.


Blue binky? Check. Pink sunglasses? Check. Ready to go!


The other day I was out of the room for a few minutes while Zoodle ate macaroni and cheese, a food I figured was pretty safe from a choking standpoint. As I returned, I heard a weird noise coming out of his mouth and rushed in to make sure he was okay. This is what I found:


Turns out that sucking on two binkies at once makes a odd sound.

I hope Zoodle brightens your day...I know he does mine!


bARE-eYED sUN said...

adorable. :-)


Anna said...

he's a little ray of sunshibne; thanks for sharing

caryn said...
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caryn said...

Simply adorable! His eyes smile!!

beckiwithani said...

SO SO SO cute!

Call Me Cate said...

Those are great. And look, it's a two binkies UP award from Zoodle! I love that even with his mouth covered by those binkies it's still clear that he's grinning from ear to ear and happy as can be.

Joyce said...

So cute, his eyes smile as much as his mouth. I love his smile, even with 2 binkies.

Me said...

Hahaha That did brighten up my day. I can't wait to have kids!

LEstes65 said...

Brighten my day? He's still "The Baby By Which All Other Babies Are Measured" in our house!!! It's not a good weekend until my boys have played with Zoodle!!

sarah said...

your kids are too cute. my daughter loves her sucky too- and it shows in the millions of pictures i have of her.

Sarah said...

I have been out of the blogging and blog reading for a while. I can't believe how much Zoodle has grown up over the summer. He really is sweet!

Thanks for sharing the pics!