Monday, August 10, 2009

Guest blogger: Crazy Mo!

I'm out of town this week and some fantastic guest bloggers are stepping in for me! Today is Crazy Mo. Now, admit it, did you decide to read this post just because of her name? I love that name! I also love the ideas and stories in this post, and I hope you will too. Be sure to check out Crazy Mo's blog, Those Voices in my Head.


I am often inspired by The One-Minute Writer. I was especially inspired by the Positive post. The prompt was to write something positive about someone who annoys you.

I immediately thought of my Dad.

Not that my Dad annoys me. He doesn't. Not in the least. I absolutely adore him. The reason I thought of my Dad is because he made a point of ensuring my brother and I grew up with a positive attitude. He would say "It can always be worse". Which may sound negative but, in fact, is actually quite positive.

I remember waking up one morning, the day of the big school dance. I looked in the mirror and a huge pimple was looking back at me. Just sitting there, on the end of my nose, winking. I was mortified. And hysterical. I just KNEW that everyone would point and stare and laugh. My Dad pointed out that there were probably kids in the school who had acne and pimples all over their faces and it was even harder for them to hide, but they would probably be at the dance anyway. And he was right.

He always managed to point out that no matter how bad things seemed, somebody else probably had it worse. And I started to see the world in a different light.

And I still do.

I may have a mortgage to pay, but it means I have a roof over my head and a loving home. I may have to get up early every morning and go to work, but it means I have a job and money to support my family. I may have aches and pains, but I am alive and have lived to see another glorious day.

No matter what the situation is, I always try to put a positive spin on it. It makes my day brighter, my load lighter and everyone else around me happier. Give it a try and see what I mean. You'll thank me for it ... or, rather, you'll thank my Dad.


Crazy Mo, this is fantastic. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


Crazy Mo said...

Thank you C. Beth for letting me be a guest blogger. It's such an honour!

For those of you who don't know me, you'll have to click on the link and hop on over to my blog for my official apology. Honestly, people, I really am a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

Crazy Mo.

Clippy Mat said...

Mo: great post. words to live by indeed and a fanatastic attitude to emulate. I'll try. :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Great post! I live by similar words often. I am so very blessed and when I find something stressing me out or feel like it's all too much to handle... I think of ways it could be worse, ways that other people are living that struggle more than I do. Or I even just think about the harder struggles I've already conquered and then find my faith in my own power of perseverance to be renewed!

Deanna said...

We have an ongoing debate in my family about whether "it could be worse" makes it better or not :) I find that if I come to that realization myself, it does really help.

Strange Mamma said...

Thanks Mo, now I'm going to have to remember that the next time my son wakes up at 5 am...which of course will be tomorrow. But I have a son, right? When I was told that I never would. Crap. I hate being grateful at 5 in the morning. ;P

Crazy Mo said...

@ Clippy Mat: I know that you already try (and succeed!) to live by those words.

@ Eternal Lizdom: Faith, no matter what your belief may be, is so important. I try to look back at particularly challenging moments and wonder what the lesson is that I'm supposed to learn. It's not always immediately clear, but I've discovered that it's always there. Sometimes, as my mother puts it, I'm looking with my eyes closed.

@ Deanna: It does seem to sink in more when you figure it out on your own, doesn't it?

@ Strange Mamma: That's a tough one. 5am mornings are bad enough, but to deal with a crying baby on top of that! Yikes!! But as someone who couldn't, I have to say you're a lucky woman ... and I know that you know that.

Anonymous said...

A great post, Crazy Mo!

2cats said...

I drive my family crazy when I do the "it could be worse" thing. I don't know how I am such an optimist in the middle of so many pessimists. I prefer life my way.

Crazy Mo said...

@ addhumorandfaith: Thanks! Easy when you have a great dad.

@ 2cats: It drives The Husband nuts too. Maybe we should market our rose glasses.

Ann's Rants said...

So true. Wise words.