Sunday, July 10, 2016

A brief health update

After my last post, I woke up the next day (Tuesday July 5) feeling so much better. The day after that (Wednesday July 6), I felt back to 100%...just in time to return to work! 
Me feeling good enough for a cheesy grin and a thumbs-up

From the start of my hives and anaphylactic symptoms, to a full return of energy, was 13 days. If this happens again, at least I will have prior experience to temper my expectations!

The itchy hives have not returned, and the discolored spots on my legs are fading significanatly, which is all great news. Starting tomorrow, I will stop taking Pepcid. If the hives do not return in two to three days, I will reduce my Zyrtec to once a day, and a few days later, I'll stop taking it altogether. If all that goes well (no return of hives), I can have skin testing for food allergies a week after ending the Zyrtec. Hooray!

Some of my blood tests have come back. The PA and I discussed this only briefly on the phone, so I don't even know which ones have come back yet--but they were all normal or close enough to normal. This is somewhat frustrating--I want answers! But considering that one of the main points of the blood tests was to discern if I have an autoimmune disorder--the more I think about this, the more I am so glad the tests have been normal so far.

I am at the end of a slight head cold or something, but it never got bad, and it seems to be nearly gone. That's encouraging from an immune standpoint; my body is fighting the cold really effectively. Also, three days ago I got several ant bites and a bunch of chigger bites. The itching is NOT fun, but it's great that all these bites have not led to any systemic allergic reaction.

I'm wondering more and more if the events of two weeks ago were some freak, one-time thing. (Or it could be some sort of reaction that will repeat but not often--the last time I had unexplained hives was over 13 years ago.) Then again--it could happen again tomorrow (which would be really bad timing, so I'm praying it doesn't!) With that in mind, we'll continue to look for answers; I'd really like to know if I can do something to prevent future reactions.

This hasn't just been a physical journey; it's been emotional and spiritual as well. Listening to this message from my pastor was a turning point for me. God knows what's going on with me--even when I don't. If you're feeling fear about anything and are open to a God-based answer to that fear, you might take half an hour to listen to the message. It's a good one.


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