Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hard day

It was a rough afternoon and evening with this girl today.

That dramatic flair for fashion (which I think is adorable) is echoed in her dramatic flair for emotional outbursts (which tend to be less than adorable.) We clashed today, with a bad attitude leading to unpopular consequences. It left me tired.

Thankfully we had a good talk, and she went to bed cheerful. But when I came downstairs, I thought, "Some days it's hard being a mom."

And a little voice inside me said, On those days, it's probably hard being a kid too.

I need to remember that. As much as my kids need me to teach them and discipline them, they also need me to understand them and empathize with them.

If I care that she's having a hard day, maybe she'll learn to care when I'm having one too.

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