Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dr. Chickie?

Chickie has, for years, been fascinated by biology, anatomy, and the medical field. (And when you say a six-year-old has done anything "for years," that pretty much means "forever.") When she sees someone in real life or on TV and they are bleeding, she wants to know every detail of what's happening to them.

But when she's the one who is hurt? All bets are off.

On the way to school this morning, Chickie was on her scooter; Zoodle was on his balance bike (more on that in a future post); and I was walking. There's a little downhill driveway that leads to a neighborhood pool, a few minutes from the school. They like to ride their wheeled vehicles down the driveway while they wait for their slow mama to catch up to them.

This morning, Chickie took a spill on the hill, and scraped her knee on the asphalt. Nothing requiring stitches or anything, but a pretty bad scrape that started bleeding immediately.

You know what's worse than a six-year-old screaming and limping as she watches her leg bleeding? Dealing with that for ten minutes while you finish walking to school so she can go to the nurse. That was a blast for all of us!

My girl loves to know how the body works, and is interested in injuries and medicine. I don't want to place lifelong expectations on her right now, but between you and me...I've wondered if she'll decide to be a doctor.

On the other hand, she can be incredibly dramatic (which she just might get from her mama, who has a theatre degree.)

Maybe she'll be a doctor.

Or maybe she'll just play one on TV.


Mellodee said...

From the time she was about 7 until she was 15, my daughter wanted to be a doctor. I thought that would be really cool because I wanted to be able to introduce her as "my darling daughter, Dr. Durkin"....(I love alliteration!!) The interest faded rather quickly when she encountered her high school chemistry class! That was a mountain she had no interest in climbing. lol!

Mike said...

Hehe, speaking from personal experience, there is a fine line between histology and histrionics! :P

Unknown said...

I can see this from Chickie's perspective and I is a lot different when you are the one broken and bleeding. Whatever she decides to do with her life, at least she will probably be able to handle her kids boo-boos with a calm and cool head. ;)

SurvivorBlessing said...

I can see her being a doctor.... they are merciless when it comes to hurting other people (than themselves).
The funny thing is: I have heard this from many nurses! They like to poke others but when the needle comes near them, they run for the hills. (just like me!)

Traci said...

haha...aren't they all little drama queens from time to time? I know mine are. Cute that she has a lot of curiosity. Skyler has told me she wants to be a doctor.

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