Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isn't my kid so cute and amazing?!

I just thought I'd go ahead and give the post that title--because let's be honest, that's what mommy brag posts should be titled, right? (The alternate title could be "Please don't be TOO annoyed as I post photos that I find incredibly cute because I'm incredibly biased.)

But, hey, I do think Chickie is cute and amazing, and my biased heart loves this little book she made, on her own, at home the other day.

Title Page
I like, by Chickie

Page 1
I like eating

Page 2
I like looking

Page 3
I like playing

The phonetic spelling, the sappy-sweet smiley faces, the tails on her D'Nealian letters.... Only one thing I can say about that...

I like Chickie!


SurvivorBlessing said...

I LOVE her spelleen!!!

And she is such a good drawer! I was watcheen her the other night and it's amazing.

Coqui loves to make story books these days, but he has me do all the spelling (not his favorite subject).


Call Me Cate said...

Her lettering is making me envious of Chickie. Can I rent her to letter my holiday cards? I'll provide her with the spelling.

I don't know how her work compares to other kids her age, but I am VERY impressed with how it compares to her own previous works. Much progress!

Unknown said...

That is so very cute! She draws happy clouds and that makes me smile!

Mellodee said...

She's five, right?? And she's spelling phonetically? Chickie is a pretty smart cookie!

The art doesn't surprise me. I probably will always remember the photo you posted of Chickie, her easel and paints and her artistic nature....of course, I hope she figures out that it's the models who are nude, NOT the artist! That could be a problem in First Grade!!! :)

She's such a cutie!

joanne lee said...

That was adorable!

forever folding laundry said...

I love it!!
She's one smart cookie.
And I love the cloud with the smiley face!

Some of my favorite notes the boys have written me have the sweetest phonetic spelling. :)