Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a Kindergartener

The big day arrived yesterday--Chickie's first day of school!


We walked to school...

...and she settled in to do some drawing.

"Want to say goodbye to Mommy?" I asked her.

"'Bye, Mama," she replied. She barely looked up at me, if at all. I was glad to see that she was immediately comfortable in her classroom.

I felt a lump in my throat, realizing I'd be leaving her there all day. The lump returned a few more times throughout the day, but it never turned into true crying. We've just been so excited about her going to school, and, sure enough, she loved her first day!

I picked her up seven hours after dropping her off. Other moms claim that those seven hours fly by, and I'm sure that will be true soon...but Day One didn't fly by for me! I was so excited to pick her up and hear about her first day, and I was anxious to reunite her with her brother.

Thankfully, when she got in the car, she was ready to talk. My mom (who was in town) and I got to hear about new friends, and the book Chickie's teacher read, and recess, and P.E. It was a great, busy day, and the big lunch I packed for her was completely gone. She must have used up a lot of energy!

As I thought it might be, the day was hard for Zoodle. Over and over, he asked when Chickie would be home. He didn't want to go to McDonald's for ice cream after lunch, since Chickie was gone. Today we're going to meet friends for lunch, even though he says he doesn't want to. I hope he'll see that it's possible to have fun without his sister! It's very sweet that he misses her, but I really hope his transition is a quick one. I know I'm enjoying my extra cuddles with my little guy.

Overall, I loved school when I was a kid, and I'm so excited that our family has entered this phase!


Call Me Cate said...

I'm so glad Chickie had a great day! I was also very excited to go to school when the time came.

Once Zoodle realizes she'll be back at the end of the day (not to mention being spoiled by that quality time with mommy!), hopefully he'll start showing more excitement about having his own adventures.

Tiffany said...

Awww, sweet Zoodle! I love that he misses her so much! Glad Ana had a great first day! She's quite the independent little girl!

Mellodee said...

A Kindergartner! Wasn't it just a month ago or so that we met for coffee and I got to hold her when she was a brand new infant???

I hope all of her school days are as good as the first one!

Laurel said...

I thought everyone would be in tears. Glad she had a successful first day~ Did you allow her to wear her bracelet :)

Becky said...

Awww...glad she enjoyed her first day so much! Here in MN, we don't start school until after Labor Day, so my kindergartener's first day is still a couple of weeks away. It's hard to believe I'm at the stage now where I'm the mom of a school-ager...wow, where does the time go?!

Leslie said...

Aww I love this! Sweet kiddos. My LJ will be excited to get to see Zoodle tomorrow morning.

Unknown said...

yay, what an exciting day, congrats!

Amanda said...

Im so glad she had a great day! It makes it easier when you know they are having a good time. Today was the first day I had to leave Brayden and he came out all smiles. Mason is the same way, he kept asking if we could go pick up Brayden yet. I have to admit I was anxious to go get him too :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

I am glad that Zoodle got to have fun with friends without his sister - he'll get used to the idea of having you all to himself and one day will like it.... until he is ready to go to school himself.

The Clines said...

I'm so glad the first day was a success! Marisa doesn't start kindergarten until after Labor Day. She is excited- but more excited to start soccer!

Sandra said...

One of those milestones that is bitter sweet, isn't it?

I'm so glad she seems to be taking to it like a duck to water. That will make it so much easier for you (and Zoodle) to get used to it too.