Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Soon after Jerry, our houseguest/possible future pastor, got here, we were having a conversation about faith. I started a sentence with, "What I'm really afraid of is...."

After hearing my fear, Jerry replied, "You know that's not from God. So when that comes to your mind, just don't focus on it. Leave it behind."

That simple answer--just don't focus on it--was just what I needed. I tend to try to "talk myself out of" my anxieties, and in doing so, they can become even worse. When I'm trying to talk myself out of it, I'm just focusing on it more.

It's so easy for me to manufacture fear and anxiety--and I'm talking about the stuff I really don't need to deal with, not real stuff that truly needs to be figured out. Things like, "What if...?" and "Does so-and-so dislike me for some unknown reason?" When those thoughts come up, I'm trying to learn to just mentally walk away.

Leave it behind.


Tiffany said...

One of the biggest challenges, yet one of the most rewarding! Thanks for sharing and for the reminder :o)

Call Me Cate said...

Late last week I watched a talk given by a Buddhist monk about letting go. He used the comparison of watering a garden. By focusing on something and, whether it be fear or another negative emotion or label, it's like watering only the weeds in your garden and then not understanding why the good plants aren't growing. I found the whole thing fascinating and have been trying to "water" the right things lately.

With my anxiety issues, I try hard to control the things I can, prepare for reasonable surprises, and then let it go. Slowly, I'm dialing back the number of scenarios I plan for, but that's the best I've been able to do so far.

Mary said...

I appreciate the addition of your faith to your blogging. Twice now, I've been encouraged by something you've said.

Thanks for sharing.

Toni said...

I tend to struggle with fear sometimes myself.

My Sunday School class's memory verse a couple weeks ago was "Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid." I know that this was a specific instance when the disciples were fearful seeing Jesus and he was assuring them that it really was him. However, I try to remember that when I do fear He has told me to "Fear not" because he's always there.

It's so much easier to type it than to put it into practice sometimes though. :)

Thanks for the blog.

Amanda said...

One of my biggest struggles has been fear in crowds. Anxiety attacks.

I had one at church last Sunday. They combined services and I couldn't find a seat and I was alone. It all came to a head and I had to walk outside as the tears welled up. I could hear this loud voice yelling in my head, "LEAVE, GO HOME!", but I prayed and I breathed through it and I went back in. I beat the devil that day and heard a very important sermon.

Fear is not my chain, but God is my champion.

SurvivorBlessing said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's not easy to talk about our fears.
I am so glad that he could give you that simple answer. And even though it is an easy answer, it is hard to follow through with it, sometimes.
Just know, that God is always there and will walk you through it....

LEstes65 said...

Fear is insidious. Just like its author. God has been releasing me from it since I realized it had a huge grip on me back in 2005. This is a great reminder. And I'll back you up. Oh and don't worry. So-and-so couldn't possibly dislike you. Because you ROCK!

Jessica said...

I like this post! Fear sometimes drives you more than you realize, so recognizing it is one of the most important things to do! Thanks for sharing.